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American Civil War Re-enactments

The American Civil War looms large as one of the central events in American history. Across the United States, enthusiastic “living historians” gather for weekend celebrations of their nation’s history on the very sites where battles were fought over a hundred years ago. Civil War Re-enactments are a unique part of American culture and make […]

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Manhattan Fine Dining Tour

New York City is home to what might be the world’s most competitive and talented restaurant scene, and Manhattan is ground zero for the passion and creativity that is the signature of New York fine dining. If you are heading to New York, this is your guide to touring the best restaurants in the city’s […]

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Fashion Around the World – The Handbag

There was a time where the only purpose a bag served was to carry something. Now, just like the phone feature on a smart phone, carrying things seems to be of secondary to people looking for a hang bag, particularly when it comes to travelling. After all, you’ve gotta look good when you’re on the […]

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Tips for Hitting the Slopes

So this is the big year – you’re finally going to head off on that big skiing/snowboarding trip that you’ve always said you would do one day at a fancy ski resort. With so many exciting destinations all over the world, each with their own distinct feeling and scenery, from New Zealand’s sensational peaks to […]

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How to choose the right boots for an Inca Trail trek

If you are planning to jet off to Peru to tackle the Inca Trail in 2013, one of the most essential items you’ll take with you will be your walking boots. Don’t underestimate the importance of having comfortable, well-made footwear on a hike like this.The Inca Trail involves steep up and downhill sections, as well […]

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World’s Best Pizza

You may not have realized it, but the war for the title of best pizza has been raging worldwide for decades. Pizzas all over the world have claimed the title unofficially, and competitions have tried to set the record straight. Still, doubts persist, bold claims are made, and the champion of pizza supremacy is uncertain. […]

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Five Reasons to Travel to France

  Everyone has their favourite foreign destination – that place that is different and yet comfortably familiar all at the same time. Whether they’ve been there once, lived and worked there for years or been there a hundred times and never tired of it, there are some locations that just call out to us as […]

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Winter Sunshine in Tenerife

Tenerife is one of those famous holiday destinations that automatically springs to mind when picking destinations. Year around sun doesn’t hurt either, which when you’re faced with the prospect of grey skies and rain, can certainly take on a certain charm. Head to the Canaries this winter and you’ll more than likely fly into Reina […]

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Oktoberfest Wanderlust

If you are in Europe during late September/early October, you are most likely heading to Munich for some Oktoberfest activities. More than six million people attend this festival of beer annually since its inception in 1810, gathering to consume millions of litres of beer and enjoy German specialties like roasted pork, chicken, ham hock, sauerkraut […]

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Why Tenerife is the Perfect Cruise Stop-Off for Activity Enthusiasts

The Canary Island of Tenerife is a popular stop-off on Med cruises around Spain, and I think with good reason. It boasts an array of cultural and historic hotspots, as well as plenty of activities to get stuck into underneath the pleasantly warm sun.Tenerife‘s year-round mild climate is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It tends to hover around […]

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