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Things to do in Berlin

Berlin is one of Europe’s most artistic charged and dynamic cities. Spending some time there will give you the chance to soak in a variety of culture be it from Berlin’s historical past, including 50 years of Communist rule in the East. Still coming to grips with being split down its centre, Berlin has long […]

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Stretching Your Travel Money without being Cheap

When you’re in a foreign country there really are two ways to do it. One, pack your short time into as much extravagance and experience as you can. This will cost a pretty penny. Or, two, stretch your money so you can extend your trip and see more places. Now if you take the latter […]

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The Attraction to People from Different Countries

If you have traveled before I am sure you have felt that unparalleled attraction to people from different countries. Their accents are unique, their mannerisms fetching, and their ways of looking at the world are just different and for that reason intriguing. Well if that’s you, then you’re in the majority of people. Everyone who […]

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Why go to Detroit

Other than Eminem, the Bad Boys of the NBA the Detroit Pistons, and Detroit Redwings of the NHL one might come up scratching their head trying to think of reasons to visit Detroit. Scratch no more, well unless it’s itchy, because her are a few good reasons that Detroit is still worth checking out. 1) […]

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Free Things to do in Paris

So you’ve made it to the wonderful city of Paris one of the worlds centre pieces of art, style, and sophistication. In a city that in some ways is a museum, as each turn will unearth something new and exciting, a little direction can always help a visitor have an even greater time. The following […]

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A Guide to the Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife

For me, one of the most exciting aspects of going on holiday is having the chance to soak up the local culture. So, I think there’s no better time to visit your chosen destination than when it has some kind of mass celebration in full swing – for example, a great time to explore Tenerife […]

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What to do in Venice

Italy’s great city of canals and Renaissance art is a must-visit destination for any traveller, and there’s so much to see and do there that first-time visitors may feel overwhelmed. If you’re booking hotels in Venice for a trip this year, we’ve selected some of the top attractions to visit. You’ll no doubt find much […]

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See in the Chinese New Year in London

Nobody knows how to celebrate the new year quite like the Chinese and, short of flying to Shanghai or Beijing, London is the best place to join in with the festivities that will be held to mark the start of the Year of the Snake. London is home to one of the biggest Chinese communities […]

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Top Countries for Teaching English Abroad

The world has ever increasing opportunities to earn money while traveling and building up ones resume while teaching English abroad. The following list provides some of the top options for doing this abroad. 7) Saudi Arabia Working in this oil rich Middle Eastern nation will yield some of the highest paying positrons for native English […]

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World Hotels

Traveling the world can be tons of fun when you find charming budget hotels that reflect each city’s unique ambience.  Besides offering competitive rates, these modest hotels warmly welcome you and make you feel like one of the family. Prague Kind of like being in a fairy tale, you can even see the Prague castle […]

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