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4 Ways To Enjoy The Nightlife In Tenerife

Taking a vacation somewhere hot usually means one thing: a beach chair. When the sun goes down, though, you’ll need to find some other ways to keep yourself entertained. Luckily, Tenerife has no shortage of nightlife options! There are many nightclubs and bars for tourists and locals to drink, dance, and talk the night away. If you’re visiting the largest of the Canary Islands, you’ll need to make sure your days – and nights – are special. Tourism in Tenerife isn’t confined to beaches and attractions., 4ay attention to these 4 ways to enjoy the nightlife. They will help you plan the perfect vacation.


  1. Go Out To a Nightclub

The sun has gone down. So, it’s time to head back to your hotel and get all glammed up for a fun night out. Tourism in Tenerife provides travellers with many nightclubs to choose from, depending on the style of music you like and the area that you’re staying. For a livelier evening, you may want to stick to the South side. This area is known for having the best nightlife options and is specifically geared towards a younger crowd. Some tips? Try going to Playa de las Americas if you want a super late night. Nightclubs like Magic Lounge Club, Taboo’s, and Veronicas may be something to consider, as they are popular amongst both tourists and local residents.

  1. Check Out a Local Bar

Would you rather sit and chat than dance the night away? Then a bar might be more suited to your style. Don’t worry…Tenerife has just as many (if not more!) bars for you to spend all of your evening hours. Grab a table at The Corner Bar, Hole In The Wall, or Murphy’s to have fun late into the night. Keep in mind that there are plenty of Irish and English bars for you to enjoy as well, thanks to all of the British and Irish travellers that visit this area throughout the year. They are great if you want something a little more familiar.

  1. Buy Tickets To See Some Live Entertainment

Enjoying nightlife doesn’t just mean dancing and drinking. If you would rather take in a play or musical, you can do that on your vacation as well! Tenerife offers many live entertainment options on stages throughout the island. Some of the most popular performances to see on a night out include Showtime – the Sound of Musicals and Soul Suites. Talk to your hotel concierge and you’ll be able to find out more about shows playing during your stay. You never know what you’ll be able to see!

  1. Sit At a Pavement Café

For a different way to experience the Tenerife nightlife, all you have to do is sit down at a pavement café. With a round table and a cup of coffee in front of you, you can sit with your travel partner and discuss all of your exciting plans for the next day. Feel free to relax, people watch, and enjoy the view of the city at night.

You can experience everything the island has to offer by making the most of the incredible nightlife, too. From clubs to cafes, anyone can enjoy the area once the sun goes down.

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