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7 Great Gift Ideas for Travellers

If you know someone who is about to travel, this can be the perfect opportunity to get them a wonderful gift.
They will appreciate travel specific gifts you give them and think of you while they are on the voyage. Since traveling is such a specific activity, you have a good chance of buying your traveling friend something they will really appreciate and use.

The following are some gift ideas for that certain someone who’s about to take off into the wild blue yonder:


Portable Flip Camcorder/Binoculars
People love to document trips on video. However large camcorders are often too bulky to travel with conveniently and cell phones tend to have poor video quality in comparison with dedicated video devices.

A nifty solution is a smaller portable flip camcorder. These small devices offer good video quality and convenient portability all rolled into one, and they make great gifts and make the best use of the limited space when packing.

A variation on this theme is a set of camcorder binoculars. These devices combine the fun of far distance sight seeing with video capture. This is especially appropriate for travelers who are taking trips to spectacular outdoor environments such as the Grand Canyon, the Swiss Alps, or Niagara Falls, as well as to historic cities and ancient ruins.

Suitcase Bags
Sorting through a jumbled suitcase can be a hassle and use of precious vacation time. Suitcase bags help a traveler organize their suitcase and can really help them to feel well equipped and ready for the journey. They are a relatively inexpensive travel gift idea that is sure to prove useful.

Swiss Army Knife
This is a classic. Swiss Army Knives are a rustic tradition when it comes to traveling. Especially traveling that involves hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities. These knives feature all kinds of useful attachments such as several knife sizes, cork screws, screw drivers, bottle openers, and even tooth picks. They are often quite reasonably priced and widely available.

Clip on Book Light
Reading on dark buses, dimly lit train compartments, or outdoors under the stars can be quite a challenge at times. Clip on book lights are just the solution. They are cheap and come in many different styles. They make excellent travel gifts for the literate, which tends to be most travelers.

Cord Organiser
Cord organizers help turn a mess of wires that come from many electrical devices someone takes on a trip into a well organized and accessible convenience. They are great for the traveler who likes his or her technology and uses items like many mentioned in this article and other electrically based conveniences.

Travel Candles
Candles can be a great touch in dimly lit hotels and motels. There is an ambience that only candles can produce. Travel candles are just the right size and are an easy and inexpensive travel gift that can add a romantic touch to a sojourn.

Noise Canceling Headphones
Noise canceling headphones are at their most useful on plane, train, and bus trips. They block out nearly all surrounding noise and allow the traveler to either sleep or listen to whatever music they choose. If your traveling friend has ever complained about noisy experiences on their chosen medium of transportation, this item can make the perfect gift.

These are only a few of the many travel oriented gifts that are easily available. If you do need more travel gift ideas, head over to BBC or Travellettes. I found both of these articles to be helpful when I’m scrambling for ideas.
Get that special traveler in your life one of these gifts and they will thank you for being so apropos and considerate. They may even invite you to come along.

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