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    The Wonderful Ambiance of Koh Tondsay Island

    Cambodia is located in South East Asia. Here you can find low lying planes. There are more geographical variations like Mekong Delta, mountains and Gulf of Thailand coastline. If you planning for Cambodia travel this time, then you should make sure to visit Phnom Penh. This is the capital city of Cambodia and consists of the art deco Central Market. You can even enjoy the sight of the Grand Royal Palace in Cambodia. There are more things you can plan to see as part of Cambodia travel. It is fun to watch the historical displays at the National Museum of Cambodia. Details of Angkor Vat Angkor Vat is a special place to visit in…

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    The List of Preferred Destinations to Tour in Dublin

    Dublin is known to be the capital of the Republic of Ireland. Dublin tours are famous and interesting. The capital is located on the eastern coast of Ireland. This has its base at the starting of River Liffey. The place Dublin is famous for its historicity. Among the historic edifices, you can admire the Dublin Castle. As part of the Dublin tours, you can plan to visit places like St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The edifice was built in the year 1191. There are several city parks in Dublin and these are like St. Stephen’s Green, and the massive Phoenix Park. This is where you can visit the Dublin Zoo. Guinness Storehouse in Dublin In…

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    The Splendid and Special Madrid Travel

    Madrid is based in Spain. It is the central capital of Spain, and it is known for being excellent and expensive. The place looks great with the manicured green parks. In fact, it would be great to discuss the details Madrid travel. Here you find the fabulous repositions of the Europe art forms. These include the Prado Museum, and the array of work by the Goya, Velázquez and other Spanish experts. If you plan for Madrid Travel, here is the list of things you must see. The place is known for the line of the portico-lined Plaza Mayo. You would even like to have a sight of the Royal Palace and the…

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    Best Places to Visit in Milan

    Milan is a Metropolis city in the northern Lombardy region of Italy. This is the global capital concentrating on fashion and design. This is the ground for National Stock Exchange. There are several Milan tourist places to visit and enjoy. This is even known to be the financial hub, known for the gamut of shops and restaurants. You would love to visit the Milan tourist places to visit. People come here to see the Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral. The Santa Maria Delle Grazie convent is one more attraction to enjoy. Here you find the mural of Leonardo da Vinci. The display of ‘The Last Supper’ stands as the best epitome of art and…

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    The Best Places to See and Enjoy in Serbia

    The country of Serbia is located in the southeastern part of Balkan Peninsula of Europe. Here, you find the ranges of the northern plateaus and the mountains. This is the capital city of Belgrade. Among the Serbia attractions, you can admire the architecture of the communist era. There are more things to see like the Kalemegdan Park, and the Belgrade Fortress. The place holds the best of the Serbia attractions. You can find the remains of Ottoman, Roman and the Byzantine empires. There is the old city known as Stari Grad, and here you find the 19th-century mansions along with the ballet and the plus opera at the National Theater of Narodno Pozorište. Some of the…