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Most Beautiful Dodecanese Islands

The Dodecanese islands stretch across the Aegean Sea, leaving picture-postcard villages in their wake. The Dodecanese are created of twelve main islands and another one hundred fifty islands; solely twenty six islands are settled. Travellers who have an interest in Greek mythology and ancient ruins can have a field day here. The islands are also an ideal destination for people who wish to sit back go into less crowded destinations where they will hike, walk on pebble beaches and absorb a colourful local culture.


Nisyros started out life as a volcano, that once a 130,000 years remains active however not erupting. There are some sandy beaches however most of the coastline is rocky. It’s widespread as a summer area, through travellers shouldn’t expect five-star luxury. Mandraki is that the island’s capital and harbor. The houses here are fabricated from volcano rocks and insulated with pumice-stone. The island contains several Orthodox Christian churches in addition as monasteries, the most important of that is Panagia Spiliani that’s next to a medieval castle designed by the Knights Hospitalier within the 14th century. Travellers might want to do the normal island drink, soumada, that tastes like almonds and is non-alcoholic.Nisyros


Kastellorizo is that the smallest of the Dodecanese, however don’t be fooled by its size. It’s a peaceful island, with picturesque village buildings right down to the waterfront. Because it’s sparsely inhabited, it’s an honest place to get pleasure from the biodiversity of nature, as well as water turtles and monarchos seals. With solely about two hundred residents, Kastellorizo is thought as “the red castle” once an ancient castle the Knights of Saint John designed from coloured rocks. Scenic Kastellorizo village is that the island’s only populated area. It sports cobblestone alleys and traditional colorful mansions with wooden and iron balconies.


Halki, the smallest of the inhabited Dodecanese islands, has less than 500 residents. Also known as Chalki, many of its residents migrated to Tarpon Springs, Florida in the last century. They left behind them the ruins of a medieval castle that still contains original frescoes. The island does not have a natural water supply – all water has to be imported from Rhodes or saved in cisterns when it rains. Nimporio is the only village and main port of the island. The island has been ruled by everyone from the Romans to the Turks to the Italians and the Greeks. Tourism is its main industry, with fishing coming in second.Halki


Astypalaia is connected to Greek mythology, since Astypalaia was a woman who was kidnapped by a disguised Poseidon. Chora is the island’s capital town and port. It is one of the most picturesque towns in the Aegean, perched on a rock that advances into the sea, forming two bays. On the top is Chora’s castle towering over the town. At one time, the Querini castle was the town’s crowning glory, though stones from it have been used to build houses. A museum near the old port houses a collection of Neolithic pottery. An ancient graveyard contains the remains of infants and small children in pottery urns; the cemetery is believed to date back to 750 BC. Other ancient religious ruins can be found throughout the island. Other Roman ruins, such as a bath with a mosaic floor, can be found on the island.

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