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Boston Tourist Attractions

Can you guess any other city in America that has so much history during the Revolutionary War and colonial era? So, this makes it clear that Boston is the best holiday destination in America. Starting from Freedom Trail that connects the most popular and visited Boston travel places to the most prestigious universities you have ever heard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard. Don’t miss visiting the other popular Boston travel places which include the Charles River, Cambridge. To make your vacation even easier, let us dive into the most popular places to include in your Boston travel.

Freedom Trail

Just follow the Freedom Trail and have a look at the most important historic places and monuments of the 16 cities. You just need to walk on the sidewalk following the red bricks and look at the footprints whenever there is a street crossing. The main attractions start with the Boston Common at  Visitor Center. This is followed by State House. You will be leading to Old Granary Burying Ground where Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and John Hancock after death were buried. The oldest cemetery in Boston, King’s Chapel Burying Ground follows next. You will next visit Old South Meeting House followed by Old State House which is the oldest public building in Boston. So, you have traveled quite a few places on your Boston travel list.

Faneuil Hall

It is also popular as “cradle of liberty,” and was built by Huguenot merchant Peter Faneuil in 1740-42. It was like a market hall and it was always open for public visits. The market stalls occupy the ground floor and council chamber is on the upper floor. All the revolutionaries and abolitionists meeting in the 18th and 19th century were held here. The fourth floor is occupied by Ancient and Honorable Artillery Museum where you can see uniforms, weaponry, and paintings of the most significant battles. The Faneuil Hall Marketplace which is one important places of Boston Travel has three long halls: North Market, Quincy Market,  and South Market.

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Boston Common and Public Garden Swan Boats

Yet another important places on Boston Travel list. It is the starting point of the Freedom Trail and is the oldest park in America. The green space is occupied by various monuments and also Central Burying Ground of 1756. You can also try skating in Frog Pond from November to Mid-March. You will be mesmerized to see fall foliage color on the surface of the pond and spring blossoms. During the summer, the wading pool is full of young people splashing water all around. Don’t miss a ride in the Swan Boats.

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Beacon Hill

It was home to the “Brahmins.” Louisburg Square is a leafy and private park situated there. The Nichols House Museum was built by Boston architect Charles.

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Bulfinch is a Federal style home which shows how upper-class people Beacon Hill lived. You can also visit Charles Street which is occupied by boutiques, The Bull and Finch, Black Heritage Trail and Boston African American National Historic Site. You will love this place on Boston Travel list. 

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