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What Should You Bring In Your Carry On Luggage?

Packing right is important. That doesn’t stop at your checked luggage, though. It’s equally important to be smart about what you put in your carry on luggage. Some people want to cram as much as possible into the largest possible bag they can get away with. While, it’s understandable to want to have your things nearby, it’s also rude to other passengers.

Recently, I was on a flight coming home from Los Angeles. So many people had brought on massive carry on luggage, or more than one piece. The security had been rather lax when it came to carry on luggage, it seemed! The end result was that the overhead bins were completely full…on the entire plane…. before half of the people on the flight had boarded. As you can imagine, this created a serious issue. People were being asked to check larger items. Small luggage bags were crammed under seats. Passengers were wearing their coats. It was a slightly chaotic and incredibly frustrating experience. The flight was even delayed because of it.

So, when you’re packing your carry on luggage, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. The first is the size of your actual luggage. Before you travel, take a look at the airlines policies. Their website will always post the allowed size that your carry on can be. It is essential that you adhere to this rule. It is there for a reason, not to make your life difficult. It’s important that every passenger is able to bring (and store) a carry on item without difficulty. Once you’ve checked the airlines’ policy on carry on luggage, measure your travel case or backpack.

Lost-LuggageIf your carry on luggage is the correct size, it’s time to start thinking about what you should bring. For instance, if you plan on taking any valuables with you on your trip: keep them with you. You simply don’t want to risk the chance that your checked luggage could be lost or misplaced. Valuables like money, jewellery, or even important documents should all be in your carry on luggage. That way, you won’t have to stress out as much if something happens to your checked bag.

Next, you’ll need to think about what you really need. What will you be doing while on the airplane? If you intend to get some work done, bring any documents or electronics that you may need. If you want to relax, bring your iPod to listen to. For some entertainment, bring a book, magazine, or even a portable DVD player. Just make sure that whatever you bring in your carry on, you are actually going to use during the flight.

In addition to your valuables and on-flight entertainment, you need to think about some essentials. If you wear contacts, you may want to bring along some comfort drops or your glasses. If you get headaches or migraines, you may need to bring some medication with you. Ensure that your carry on is full of everything you need to get through the flight comfortably. This is especially important if you are taking a long flight. Think ahead and anticipate your needs. You’ll be glad you did!

Make your next flight a good one by packing your carry on properly. Think about what you want with you, what you’ll need, and always anticipate. By taking these steps, you’ll be prepared – and considerate to other passengers.

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