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    The Wonderful Ambiance of Koh Tondsay Island

    Cambodia is located in South East Asia. Here you can find low lying planes. There are more geographical variations like Mekong Delta, mountains and Gulf of Thailand coastline. If you planning for Cambodia travel this time, then you should make sure to visit Phnom Penh. This is the capital city of Cambodia and consists of the art deco Central Market. You can even enjoy the sight of the Grand Royal Palace in Cambodia. There are more things you can plan to see as part of Cambodia travel. It is fun to watch the historical displays at the National Museum of Cambodia. Details of Angkor Vat Angkor Vat is a special place to visit in…

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    Best Places to Visit in Milan

    Milan is a Metropolis city in the northern Lombardy region of Italy. This is the global capital concentrating on fashion and design. This is the ground for National Stock Exchange. There are several Milan tourist places to visit and enjoy. This is even known to be the financial hub, known for the gamut of shops and restaurants. You would love to visit the Milan tourist places to visit. People come here to see the Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral. The Santa Maria Delle Grazie convent is one more attraction to enjoy. Here you find the mural of Leonardo da Vinci. The display of ‘The Last Supper’ stands as the best epitome of art and…

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    Boston Tourist Attractions

    Can you guess any other city in America that has so much history during the Revolutionary War and colonial era? So, this makes it clear that Boston is the best holiday destination in America. Starting from Freedom Trail that connects the most popular and visited Boston travel places to the most prestigious universities you have ever heard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard. Don’t miss visiting the other popular Boston travel places which include the Charles River, Cambridge. To make your vacation even easier, let us dive into the most popular places to include in your Boston travel. Freedom Trail Just follow the Freedom Trail and have a look at the most important historic places and…

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    What to do in Canada?

    With beautiful scenery, welcoming atmosphere and vibrant cities, Canada is one of the best holiday destinations. Canada travel is a must as it has spectacular coastlines, majestic mountains, virgin forests, Arctic tundra and also spacious prairies. There are lots to do in Canada and you might miss out something while being busy looking at one mesmerizing place. We have brought the Canada tourist attractions for you. Niagara Falls That was so obvious. It is one of the most popular Canada tourist attractions. With the spellbinding amazing waterfalls with a rainbow just above, it is all magical. If there is heaven on Earth, this is it. Just look at the gorgeous waterfalls and don’t miss playing a…

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    Things to do in Chile

    Ahu Tongariki The 15 massive moai (statue) lined up on AHU TONGARIKI make a sensational sight. The statues were destroyed by a huge tidal wave in 1960, but the site was restored afterwards. You mustn’t miss Ahu Tongariki when travel to Chile with your family. It is a great site that most travelers visit and take pictures. The scenery is breathtaking and it’s a huge, almost straight up to sea cliffs include the beaches. Ahu Tongariki is the biggest traditional site ever made on the island, featuring the largest number of moai ever erected on a single site, and each statue is unique, by only one highlighting the iconic red-rock…