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Hamam Omerye

At one time, the Omeriye Hamam was the only public steam baths in Nicosia and was where fathers and sons, mothers and daughters used to go for their weekly bath and this was certainly a social event!


The Hamam with its spectacular dome and exquisite stone architecture was built next to the city’s main masjid in 1570 by the Ottamans who ruled Cyprus. The new hamam was dedicated to Caliph Omar and also the whole space quickly became referred to as ‘Omerye’. Over the years the hamam fell into disrepairand it had been enclosed 2002. Over the subsequent 3 years, the hamam was fpainstakingly restored to capture its original character and once it re-opened it quickly became standard as the excellent way ‘step back in time’ and to relax when a busy week at work! In 2006, the remodeled Omerye Hamam was awarded the celebrated Europa Nostra award.


Taste one of the oldest wines of the world – the Commandaria. Cyprus has had one of the oldest wine industries of the world.

The villages of Limassol and Pafos are renowned for his or her wineries. On the mountains of Pafos district you’ll be able to realize a number of the island’s most renowned wineries. Additionally several monasteries offer home made specialities. The wine maker of Chysorogiatissa Monastery produces one among the best Cypriot wines, and Kykkos Monastery produces its renowned red

Festivals and Festivities- events for all seasons

The people of Cyprus love to celebrate, so cultural and religious festivals are held though out the year.

Carnival begins 50 days before the orthodox Easter. Festivities take place in various towns and reach climax on Carnival Sunday when a big parade takes place in Lemesos.
In May, colourful parades of flower-decorated floats wind through the streets of the cities. This is the “Anthestiria” flower festival which dates back to the celebrations in ancient Greece for the rebirth of man and nature.

On Pentecost come the ‘Kataklysmos’ festival. Its roots are the traditional rites of passing that celebrated the transition of man from season to the new season. Within the coastal cities there are boat parades fireworks, dancing and folk music.

From Mid-June to September music concerts, dancing performances of Greek tragedies and comedies happen within the ancient theatres of Kourion and Pafos.
September is devoted to the Wine Festival in Lemesos, with popular music, folkrore and free wine flowing from vats.

The Kypria Festival, organised throughout September by the Ministry of education and culture, is a major arts event and includes all perfoming arts.

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