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Do’s and Don’ts in Copenhagen


Copenhagen is one of the most attractive and interesting cities in the world. There is much to do here, so much to the extent that you may need the advise of a good friend to send you in the right direction. The following blog is going to discuss a few ways to spend your time here in the capital of Denmark and have the best possible time that you can.

Do come here in Spring/ Summer 

Now winter does always provide the chance for a some cozy house bars and people gathering in the pubs, but in general – especially in Copenhagen – winter is best avoided. Copenhagen comes alive in the summer in a big way. As the sun comes out it warms the hearts of Danes and leads them outdoors to one of their many, many outdoor events. Summer in the city boasts the Distortion Festival – a five day long street party, and Sankt Hans Aften -a bon fire in celebration of the summer solstice, and so many out activities you will constantly be having a blast. 

Do Drink on the Streets 

In Copenhagen not only is it legal to drink on the streets there isn’t even social norms against it. In this city somehow people can drink, have a good time, and there really isn’t that much trouble because of it. For this reason in order to save money in bars, which the drinks are expensive, don’t just pre-drink at someone’s house, pre drink right on the way to where you are going. Also, beers in the park or around some of squares and bridges in town is just fine too. The bottom line is that there is as much fun on the streets as in the bars and here you are fully able to take advantage of it.

Don’t be afraid of Christiana 

Christiana is Copenhagen’s free town and is one of the most chilled out locales that you will ever see. Occasionally visitors to the city get scared off as there is a rumour that in the last few years the previously passive marijuana sales here have been taken over by more dangerous criminal organizations. Whether this is true or not don’t be afraid of this place, its a wonderland of different art and vibe that is fantastic and welcoming.

Don’t be afraid to talk to Danes

Danish people are amongst the friendliest and warm in the world. I once joked to a friend that it is nearly impossible to make a Dane mad as they are so open. Also Danish people are fantastic at English and always enjoy talking to foreigners. You’ll be surprised when you speak with them how worldly they are how well traveled.

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