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Dressing to Impress in Fabulous London


Deciding what to wear whilst travelling isn’t just a matter of stuffing what’s clean and comfortable into a suitcase – at least not if you want to look good. Every country has different notions of acceptable dress depending on the occasion, time of year and venue, making planning your travel wardrobe a somewhat laboured task if you don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb. Working in an office overseas for business or teaching in Japan? Better wear a jacket and tie. Heading to the store in suburban Australia? Shoes aren’t mandatory. Strange as it may seem, these are perfectly normal for locals!

tumblr_math7byWGR1rg5mbxo1_500So when it comes to dressing for a visit to London this fall, there are a few essentials you want to keep in mind. If you’re someone who is there on pleasure, you can pretty much get away with wearing whatever you want, but it never hurts to have a versatile wardrobe that will allow you to go from morning to evening without having to head home to change or bring a lot of extra items along with you. Style is important and keeping these things in mind will enable you to appear more confident and look more like a local, which in turn keeps you safe from tourist-preying predators while looking spectacular at the same time.

Bring these essentials with you for a great London trip in style:

A Jacket

Great for the gentlemen as well as the ladies, a jacket does double duty as a key fashion piece and an insulator against the elements. The type of jacket depends entirely on your purpose – a suit jacket is best for those attending meetings if your trip happens to be for business, while a denim or corduroy jacket is excellent for more casual adventures. As it can be a little chilly in the morning and evening in London, having a jacket will keep you warm wherever your day takes you and looks great if you’re heading out to dinner.

Good Pair of Shoes

Few things are as important to looking great and being comfortable as footwear and again, this depends on your day’s itinerary. If you’re going to be hitting all corners of the city, you might want to opt for walking shoes – but these aren’t exactly fashionable for nights out, are they? In this case, go for smart and sensible but be sure to get insoles for your shoe. Gentlemen – toss out your white sneakers in favour of classic black or brown no lace dress shoes, which go with everything and make you look like a champion. Ladies, we all know flats aren’t the best for all day wear so go with a moderate heeled, just below the knee fashionable and be prepared to turn some heads without killing your feet!

Smart Accessories

For business, just as with travel, the key is stylish and practical when it comes to accessories. I always opt for the less is more approach and I find this works best when you’re moving around a lot so as to not draw a lot of attention to yourself but still stand out for your smart choices. Men and women will be smart to adorn themselves with the proper timepiece, even in this age of smartphones. It never hurts for a guy to pack a few good ties if a nice night out is in your plans or if you are travelling for business – they can be easily taken off as the situation dictates and tucked into a jacket pocket.


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