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Famous Monuments in Pune

Pune is home to many monuments that area unit a significant supply of commercial enterprise within the town. the simplest factor concerning the monuments in Pune is that the majority of the moriginate to the first fifteen and sixteen centuries.

osho parkThere area unit quite sizable amount of renowned monuments in Pune. a number of the renowned monuments in Pune area unit as follows: The Osho International Commune is one in every of the foremost renowned monuments in Pune. adjoin twenty eight acres of lush greeneries this can be associate ashram that practices the teachings of Osho. This monument is located in Koregaon Park and principally attracts thousands of foreigners from over one hundred countries across the world.characterised by white marbleised pathways, massive swimming pools, large expanse of greeneries and chic black buildings the Osho International Commune forms a significant supply of interest of most of the tourists that visit Pune. The Commune was established by Osho Rajneesh. His samadhi is additionally gift within the Ashram.

Image By fraboofMahshid Rasti Under Creative Common License.


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