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Five Reasons to Travel to France


Everyone has their favourite foreign destination – that place that is different and yet comfortably familiar all at the same time. Whether they’ve been there once, lived and worked there for years or been there a hundred times and never tired of it, there are some locations that just call out to us as ideal travel spots. For many, this destination is France.


It doesn’t matter if you decide to vacation here all on its own or make it quick stopover en route to somewhere else, France is one of those places that has a special place in many peoples’ hearts. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you went to Paris that you have seen France; in many cases, especially if you didn’t enjoy it, this is only one side of what makes France a remarkable destination. France is a large country with many places to see and explore.


If you are in the UK and looking to get over to France, why not travel by sea? Ferries to France and relatively quick, affordable and easy to find with many trips made daily, allowing you to take in all the French wonder, which includes:


1. Cosmopolitan Atmosphere – making your way to Paris, Marseille or any of the other large cities will connect you to people and institutions known the world over. There is something about the atmosphere of these places, particularly during festivals or events that just make you feel like you’re a part of something larger than life.


2. Fantastic Food – Particularly when compared to the cuisine of the UK (which is good in it’s own way), French food is a revelation. Full-flavoured and sublime, the French seemed to have mastered the art of decadent food and no trip is complete without a stop in a café or bakery for bread products of pastries.


3. Provincial Charm – You can find country charm almost anywhere you go, but the definition of provincial charm is in rural France. Small, tightly knit communities that haven’t really changed much at all over the years are a mainstay of the French identity.


4. Mediterranean Magic – In the south of France you’ll find those destinations you can’t help but fall in love with. Warm climate, vacation houses for the European elite and relaxed atmosphere is all a part of life in the south of France. This is the site of the original resort experience, so it’s fair to say they know how to live the good life.


5. Historical Significance – If you’re a history buff, France should be at the top of your must-see list. From the northern coast for those famous landing points in WWII to Paris’s monuments of old to the borders along the many neighbouring countries, visiting this side of France is like getting a real-life history lesson.

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