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Free Things to do in Rome

Some parts of the Italian capital can be quite pricey to explore, but not all days in Rome have to cost you a fortune. With these five ideas for cheap activities you’ll be looking forward to a not-too-pricy stay in Rome.

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Walk the Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is an area of ruins in the Italian capital with so much history behind it. From public speeches to executions and gladiator fights to parades, this was the epicentre of political and social activity. Monuments and statues remain, albeit a little run down, and you can visit the whole thing for free.

Climb the Spanish Steps

One of Rome’s main attractions, the Spanish Steps, is actually free to visit. The 138 steps that lead away from Piazza di Spagna won’t cost you a penny to climb, although it may cost you some effort! It is the widest staircase in Europe and therefore one of the most unique.

Drink water

On a hot summer’s day, and especially after climbing the Spanish Steps, you will be parched in Rome! Fortunately, the public water fountains in the city are all free to use so you can fill up your bottle and keep hydrated. And with some of the fountains having been there for centuries you’ll be drinking from a little piece of Rome’s history.

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Visit the Trevi Fountain

This one is almost free. Technically it is completely free as there is no fee to see this huge and famous fountain. The legend is, however, that all those who throw a coin into its waters will be guaranteed a return trip. So it could pay worth parting with those few cents to ensure another fun visit to the Italian capital in the future!

Be amazed at the Vatican Museum  

This is one of the most popular museums in Rome and gives a fascinating insight into life in the Vatican City, the world’s smallest independent state. It normally costs to enter, but on the last Sunday of every month it is completely free! So you’ll be able to enter and see fascinating works such as the Sistine Chapel if you can make your trip coincide with the month’s last Sunday. Get there early, though, as there are bound to be queues when it’s free!

One final way to save money in Rome is to book a self-catering apartment, such as those offered on, rather than a hotel. Not only will the initial price be cheaper, but you’ll have the chance to eat in some nights too, making even more savings.


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