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Great Tourist Attractions in Denmark

The greater part of the visitors who visit Denmark are from other neighboring European nations. That doesn’t simply that it is okay for you to miss out a great opportunity for what has to offer —its delightful sandy shorelines and the palpable magical air of Hans Christian Andersen’s “fairy tale country.” Here are four extraordinary vacation destinations found in the most seasoned kingdom in Europe.Check out the Great Tourist Attractions in Denmark.

Tivoli Gardens

Located in Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens is a popular amusement park. It is the world’s second most famous seasonal theme park and the second oldest amusement park. Enjoy the gigantic wooden roller coaster, which are locally known as either Rutschebanen or Bjergbanen (the Mountain Coaster). You can also enjoy a ride in Tivoli’s other roller coaster, Dæmonen. In 2006, The Star Flyer, the tallest carousel in the world, was opened to the public in Tivoli Gardens.

Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo is a lovely zoological garden in Frederiksberg. The spot effectively protects numerous endangered animal species. Some of the endangered species kept in the zoo are the Amur panther, okapi, musk bull, and Tasmanian demon.

The zoo is surely understood for its Elephant House, a twin glass vault structure that was planned by the internationally renowned British architect, Norman Foster, in a joint effort with the Danish scene architect Stig Andersson. Another astounding feature in the Copenhagen Zoo is its roughly one-hundred-forty-foot tall wooden observation tower. It is one of the tallest of its kind on the planet.


This Lego-themed park that consists of assembled Lego rides and other structures is your must-see if you vacation to Denmark with your kids. The sight of over fifty-eight million Lego bricks that make up most of the park’s rides and attractions will enthrall any kid. There is no shortage of wildly entertaining attractions and rides in Legoland. There’s the Knights’ Kingdom motif of the famous Dragon Coaster, for instance. Or you can take your kids to the learning center called Lego Mindstorms and to any of the park’s themed driving areas.Legoland

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Furthermore, the museum is also home to a staggering collection of over four hundred items of pre-Columbian art. The pre-Columbian art pieces are collectively known as the Wessel-Bagge collection because, in 2001, they were all donated to the museum by the Wessel-Bagge Foundation.

This art museum is found twenty-two miles north of Copenhagen. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is Denmark’s most visited art museum. Its accumulation of contemporary art is amazing. Numerous well known modern artworks are shown in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, from paintings by Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol to those of Alberto Giacometti and Roy Lichtenstein. Besides, the gallery is likewise home to an amazing collection of more than four hundred things of pre-Columbian art. The pre-Columbian art pieces are all things considered known as the Wessel-Bagge collection because, in 2001, they were all given to the museum by the Wessel-Bagge Foundation.

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