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Historical Places in India

India in World far-famed for its thousand years of old culture, history, and historical sites, that are the proof to prove how lovely was the era of that time in India. Ancient heritage and historical places like Temples, Mosques, Forts, Palaces, Caves, Gateways (Minaret), and a few famed old Churches make India the most effective historical place to go to within the world. However listing the most effective historical monuments of India on the web is not an easy task, and it becomes even tough if you have to figure out only the top most famous and best historical sites!

Taj Mahal, Agra

Not solely in India even Taj Mahal is that the most lovely historical architecture on Earth! Among within the seven wonders of the traditional World, Taj Mahal is one amongst the top visited historical places within the world. The full impressive architecture as well as all minarets is formed of finest white marbles, appearance spectacular & marvelous from early of the day until late moonlit nights. This masterpiece structure is that the live example of immortal love, and therefore the finest art of engineering & architecting throughout the nice Mughal Emperors period.Taj Mahal

The beautiful interior and exterior decoration of this UNESCO World Heritage site is well encircled by the gorgeous garden, lawn, an antique pool, and a stunning main entrance. These all amazing uniqueness of Taj attracts large crowd from everywhere the planet to capture some lifetime unforgettable memories. Generally it can be visited anyday except Friday, but entry fee is different for Indian and overseas travelers.

Gateway of India, Mumbai

Located at the entrance of Mumbai City, Gateway of India is some of the best places to visit in Mumbai. You may have seen this place various times in some Bollywood movies. But do you know why and who built this historical monument? Let me elaborate..!
Built in 1924, this historical site was founded in 1911 to welcome the visit of Queen Mary and King George V to Bombay. This 26 meter higher gorgeous architecture was designed by famous Architect ‘George Wittet’ who also designed some other popular in Mumbai e.g. Prince of Wales Museum, Bombay Docks, King Edward Memorial Hospital etc.Gateway of India

These days, Gateway of India is famous among local and tourists as gathering & majestic nightout place, and also as an ideal spot for rest & entertainment from days very tiring work schedules.

So if you’re searching any historical architectural and modern environmental place in Mumbai, Gateway of India is just for you. It is also a perfect destination for photography and boat trip ( to Elephanta caves – A must go tourist attraction nearby Gateway of India).

Qutub Minar, Delhi

I will bet here each Indian is well with this outstanding structural minaret, and no doubt it is one of the foremost known historical places in India. Qutub Minar is a few of oldest and finest historical monument in India that was designed by Mughals (Qutab-ud-din Aibak)terribly earlier in 1193. Quite 800 years has been passed, however this 73-meter higher minaret has constantly held its value with the passage of time. And now it is the foremost visiting place in city compare to the other historical or trendy visiting spot. Some newspapers conjointly claim Qutub Minar receives highest number of tourists compared to the other historical place in India as well as Taj Mahal. It’s extremely unbelievable!Qutub Minar

And the reason of the higher popularity is its spectacular design. The minaret tilts over 60 cm. from the vertical edge, that appearance wonderful from a distance. In few words you’ll say, this can be the masterpiece of architecture and truly a wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Site!!

Image by Paul and Jill,garbyal,sakeeb,mehul.antani Under Creative Common License.

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