Hong Kong Markets


Hong Kong is a bustling city that is known well for its modern architecture, and some might say, futuristic qualities. At the same time a trip to Hong Kong doesn’t have to be just about high tech gadgets it can include time in some of the city’s street markets. Dipping back to the past these markets are open air concept and involve straight barter. Remember that in these markets negotiating on the price is all but expected. Some people suggest that you make your first offer half the listed price, or even less, and go from there.  Expect as a position to get 30% off the asking price for items. Since Hong Kong is also full of expats a good piece of advice is to act like one when negotiating. If the sellers think you are local they will give you “local” prices.

People visit here from all over the world to experience street vendors and markets. Locals from other countries like Malaysia and Thailand travel to Hong Kong markets to stock up on items that are sold at much lower prices. If you are interested in knickknacks and wholesale gadgets then consider visiting one of these street markets. You can book your flight and Hong Kong hotel and be here in no time. There is no time to waste when it comes to getting the best deal!

A couple of Hong Kong Markets include:

Temple Street Night Market

Only run at night the Temple Street Market is a kaleidoscope of bright, flashing lights and is always extremely busy. The main items for sale are electronics and clothes, but there is also a mishmash of everything else in-between as well. Look for some good deals on food in the open air food stalls.

Stanley Market

This market has been dubbed the market for beginners as there is less haggling and the overall feel of the market place is less aggressive. In a word, this market is more for tourists. With that in mind there are great options to find some nice souvenirs for your Hong Kong trip not to mention some good dim sung stalls.

Sheung Wan Markets 

Sheung Wan is a neighbor hood that has a wealthy urban feel to it. While in this area navigate the narrow alleys to find Cat Street and the fantastic antique markets they have here. Be warned though that much of what is called antiques are actually re-productions from main land China of things like coins, miniature statues, and old parchment scrolls. Bear this in mind while negotiating on the prices of things. If you search hard though it is possible to find some real antiques amongst the wares.

Tung Choi Street Markets 

Nick named the “ladies market” the Tung Choi Street markets have a variety of name brands available here for sale. Of course, be weary of whether or not these wears are actually the brands they suggest are just knock offs. Inside this market place too you will have to battle aggressively with the market owners as they won’t budge as easily, as other markets, on the prices. Still though this market does have a pretty astounding variety of goods for sale and is well worth a look.

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