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Hot Air Balloon Festivals

The world is filled with every different variety of festival. Enthusiasts will clamour to anything so why not hot air balloons? Certainly one of the most authentic ways to get around in the great blue skies is a hot air balloon riding one of these air vessel has long been a favourite activity for people and truly a majestic way to see any country side. Surely there has been a time when you looked out over a country skyline and saw a mini fleet of balloons in the air? If you fancy that opportunity again here are some listings of some of the world’s biggest Hot air balloon festivals.


15th Velikie Luki International Balloon Meet
When: June 6-13
Where: Velikie Luki, Russia
Velikie Luki is located in between Moscow and St Petersburg and is easily reached by car or train. This ballooning event crowns the Russian champion for air ballooning and involves a variety of different social events and opportunities for Ballooning enthusiasts to get more acquainted with the local region.

Sonoma Country Hot Air Balloon Classic
When: June 13-14
Where: Windsor, California
This balloon festival is friendly to the rookie of riding balloons. Rather than cough up a lot of money to be doing that the Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic allows for tethered rides up and down to get a taste of the balloon experience. View the main launch of all the varied shaped and coloured balloons as they head upwards with the sun rise.

Panguitch Valley Balloon Rally
When: June 26-28
Where: Panguitch City, Utah
Panguitch Valley Balloon Rally is routinely touted as Utah’s premier hot air balloon event each year. The area of Panguish is home to the highest concentration of scenic wonders in the US, which makes a great visual from the elevated position of a Hot Air Balloon. This is an event that caters to the whole family as it includes karaoke contests, dunking booths, poker tables, and children’s crafts and activities.

Montgolfiades de Dole
When: July 11-13
Where: Dole, France
This is a balloon festival that shimmers into the night as balloons do night runs with elaborate lights placed on them. The last display of the festival involves an elaborate display of choreographed firework displays. What else is great about the festival is that it was started as benefit for children with serious illness.

Saxony International Balloon Fiesta
When: July 30 – Aug 2nd.
Where: Leipzig, Germany
Night balloons take to the sky and fill up the German night with colour and cheer. This festival comes complete with concerts, beer gardens, a parade and even a circus. The event each year becomes as much about balloons as it is about just having fun.

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