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How to know that you are not ready to Travel


Setting up a travel experience is not something that happens over night. Basically it requires a commitment to that goal for it to happen. Travel happens for a variety of reasons, probably the biggest being that the person, wants to transcend who they are and perhaps grow into something more. At other times though the reasons, or the realities, of a person trying to travel actually throw up a red flag. The red flag should tell the person that now isn’t the time for traveling, but sometimes it doesn’t. Signs that perhaps traveling isn’t the best idea, at least at that moment are.

freedom-travelA person trying to escape themselves

Iron tight rule of traveling is that whatever personal issues that you have will follow you, and perhaps even be intensified, if you go traveling. An example is going traveling after a bad break up. I’ve personally done this and I have heard stories of others doing the same. Being emotionally off kilter can lead to all types of problems. Some people over spend without worrying about consequences; others get overly promiscuous while still others till take excessive personal risks.  Basically, all that I am saying is that the best time for a trip is when you are emotionally centred not all over the place. Travel requires a sharp mind.

Leaving because of a lot of discord at home 

This point connects to the last but has a slightly different connotation. Running away because personal relationships have gone astray is pretty bad business. The reality is that it may make it harder to repair them when you return. And, to be honest it’s rare, that a traveler doesn’t return to where they started eventually. The point here is that if things are bad with friends and family don’t run away from it. Fix the problem, then good with a clean slate.

You just don’t have the finances 

This is a classic one, but totally legitimate… if you don’t have the cash to pull off the trip then postpone it. Nothing wrecks good times more than the hardcore reality of having to constantly worry about cash. You worry about that at all times and what could have been a fun expedition becomes just about you counting pennies and being a miser. Related to this topic, give yourself a realistic time frame to raise the funds. You don’t want to have to stop having all fun while saving…. if you do that it will put high pressure on the trip being AMAZING at all times.

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