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How To Visit Prague, Without Breaking The Bank

Prague is a beautiful city, and if you live in Europe, it’s a great place to go, if you’re looking to have an affordable break. There are plenty of things to do around the city itself, if you want an amazing time, without having to take out a loan for the trip. Especially if you are a bit of a history buff, you’ll have a great time here.

 Getting Safely From The Airport

 Getting your family, or group of friends, from the airport to your hotel can be an absolute faff, and cost the earth. However, if you split the costs of a private car, you can end up saving yourself money and stress. Blacklane is a reliable company to go with, and they provide this service around some of the most prominent cities in the world, including Prague.

 Jewish Quarter

 The Old Town Jewish Quarter (Josefov) is £8, to visit a wide number of historic sites, all preserved fairly well, as Hitler had plans to make this area a Jewish Museum for a vanished race. Pretty dark, right? Any literary fans can find a sculpture of Franz Kafka, on the site where he was born. On Saturdays, the complex is closed for the Sabbath.

 Museums For Free

 Although Prague doesn’t usually offer up free entry to its museums, on certain days of the month, you can visit even the National Museum, without having to pay a thing. Check out your museum’s roster, to see when you can get in for nothing. The National Museum has some cracking medieval exhibits, so that’s definitely worth a visit.


 Prague is famous for its classical music, and if you’re feeling particularly cultured, you can head over to one of Prague’s many churches to watch a concert for around £20. However, there are some places of worship – such as The Church of Mary Magdalene – who often offer completely free concerts that you can watch.

 Monasteries And Parks

 The Franciscan Monastery is a lovely place to visit, and quite tucked away too. The gardens are particularly lovely, full of roses and herbs that have been cultivated here since the 17th century. Relax here, or head off to check out Prague’s HavlíčkovySady, for a beautiful park that includes its own vineyard and villa.

 Cheap Beer

 One of the biggest draws to Prague: cheap beer, of course. Not only is it affordably priced, but it’s high quality stuff too. U Fleku is a great place to visit for history, live music, great beer, and cabaret. Enjoy your trip to Prague with a satisfying cold beverage, brewed locally.

 Puppet Theatres

 Prague has got a bit of a reputation for its traditional (and non-traditional) puppet theatre. Yes, it’s unlikely to be in English, but if you know a little about the story in advance, you don’t really need to know exactly what’s going on to appreciate the narrative. You can go to the puppet theatre for as little as £4 for adults, or a couple of quid for kids.

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