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How to Work from Anywhere


The dream of a lot of people is to be able to truly work from anywhere in the world and earn money. If this lofty aspiration becomes your reality than you have the opportunity to be a traveler for as long as you like as the need to be in one place is nullified. Now regardless of what you’re business may be the following list will provide a few ideas of the things that you will physically need to make working from anywhere a reality.

Maybe I'm biased... I don't care though lol
Maybe I’m biased… I don’t care though lol

Buy a good reliable computer 

This is the central component of working from anywhere, a computer that will be reliable and fill all of your business needs. What this means is don’t scrimp on this purchase. You will need it to be able to complete online transactions, maintain your business records and communicate via Skype effectively. Always buy insurance for your computer too in the case of a crash or break down.

Back Up Everything

Just because you have a good reliable computer that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still back up all of your files. The best option is to purchase an external hard drive which you place your work and important documents on to regularly then store it in a safe, secure place. Also an idea is to back up important files on online back servers such as Evault or Ibackup.


With a business that is located anywhere Skype is an invaluable multipurpose tool. Relationships are better maintained via person to person communication. Not to mention a 30 minute Skype call can sort through a lot more information than a mountain of emails. Another to consider is purchasing a telephone number for your business so you can receive calls straight to your computer on Skype. This will people to locate your business and contact you through a service called Skype in.

Have a Physical Address

This is essential in order to register your business. Also, it allows clients to send things to you in hard documents if they so choose. The best way to do this, if you are gallivanting around the globe, is to use an friends address and have them forward you any permanent mail they receive. A good idea though is to make sure that this mailing address does not change often.

With these basics you’re ready to start working anywhere. As need be fill your computer with the accounting software you will need to keep accurate records. Also don’t discount the power of social media as a marketing tool.

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