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In Favour of Traveling When you are Young


There are on going debates about when is the best time to travel long term. The debate goes that either you travel when you are younger, before taking on significant responsibility as a kind of year out. Conversely others think the wisest thing to do is use all your youthful energy towards developing a career than later in life, perhaps once you have retired, you can travel. Each view has its merits, but this article is going to scream out the virtues for traveling when you are young. The reasons to travel while young are.

More Energy

Perhaps the most enjoyable thing that a person can do when coming to a new city or place is to walk around that city tirelessly. When you walk around the city you get a proper chance to see what it look like and how the people are, at least on a superficial customs and fashion sense. Young people have infinitely more energy to put towards this pursuit than older. Also, when it comes to actually seeing the sites of a city the same principle applies the younger person will have much more energy to do it.

Backpackers-newcastle-1024x768Young Fun 

Now this may seem a bit gratuitous, but it does bare mentioning – young people can have fun in ways that older people just cannot. Fun when the sun goes down is definitely in the realm of the younger traveler. Being out meeting various new people while the older traveler is long since asleep is going to yield some really fascinating and exciting experiences. Not to say a 60 year old might not meet a French girl/guy of their fantasies, but the chances are a lot greater that it is the young traveler that has an experience like this with a local. Not to mention the young traveler often will live and travel far away from the usual tourist traps and really immerse themselves into a new culture.

People forgive mistakes when you’re young and expect less 

The young traveler is so often given the benefit of the doubt by people in other countries if they make mistakes speaking the language or with customs. More importantly the young traveler is given a better chance to find work abroad than travelers who begin to show grey hairs. Travel is still seen by many as a right of youth not for middle aged people to try and they will hand out opportunity based on this premise. Travel young – and this comes from personal experience of the writer – and opportunity will be handed out, travel older and it will be expected you won’t need it.

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