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The List of Preferred Destinations to Tour in Dublin

Dublin is known to be the capital of the Republic of Ireland. Dublin tours are famous and interesting. The capital is located on the eastern coast of Ireland. This has its base at the starting of River Liffey. The place Dublin is famous for its historicity. Among the historic edifices, you can admire the Dublin Castle.

Dublin tours

As part of the Dublin tours, you can plan to visit places like St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The edifice was built in the year 1191. There are several city parks in Dublin and these are like St. Stephen’s Green, and the massive Phoenix Park. This is where you can visit the Dublin Zoo.

  • Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

In Dublin, it is time to visit the Guinness Storehouse. In Dublin, if you are not sure what to do or from where to start, you can simply start touring from Guinness Storehouse. This makes an essential part of Dublin Tours, and this is counted as number one attraction of the city.

Dublin tours

This is located in the central part of St. James Gate Brewery. Here you can find the black stuff from the year 1759. Dublin Tours cannot be complete without a visit to the place. Formerly, this was a fermentation plant and was known for producing the world-renowned beers.

  • Admiring the Dublin Zoo

As part of the Dublin Tours, you can visit the Dublin Zoo. Here you find the array of the exotic animals and the rare birds. You feel great to move through the African Savannah and admire the giraffe’s grazing. There are more live species to watch like the zebras, scimitar oryx and ostrich.

The Dublin Tours cannot be successful without a visit to the Dublin Zoo. You find the zoo in the Phoenix Park, and this stands at the heart of the Dublin city. Here, you would love to discover the group of the fantastic animals like hippos, tigers, rare monkeys, bats, chimpanzees, gorillas, reptiles, red pandas and the rest of the amazing creatures.

  • National Aquatic Center

In Dublin, you cannot go without visiting the National Aquatic Center. This is one of the major attractions of the Dublin Tours. Aqua Zone is also known to be the National Aquatic Center. This is one of the most innovative European water parks.

Dublin tours

The place comes with the host of the exciting and the inspirational features. You can have fun with your family at the place. In fact, the Dublin Tours are made special with a visit to all the interesting destinations.

  • National Gallery of Ireland

You would be happy to visit the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin. When planning for Dublin Tours, you can visit the Gallery with the intention to admire more than 2,500 paintings. You even find the collection of 10,000 other creations of real value.

At the Gallery, you find the array of drawings, watercolor, sculptures, and prints. Here you find all works from every European school of paintings. The Dublin Tours are absolutely interesting with a visit to destinations like the National Gallery of art and paintings.

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