More of the Worlds Wildest Parties


So you like to party and the club downtown just isn’t doing it for you anymore. Well a resolution to your problem is just a plane ticket away as you could whisk yourself to one of the world’s wildest parties and have the time of your life. With spots dotting the globe every nation on earth knows how to throw down. Some more of the wildest parties on earth include.

Queen’s Day

When: April 30th

Where: In Amsterdam, but there are parties all around the Netherlands 

What: Started originally to celebrate the birth of one of the Netherland’s, Queens Juliana, Queens Day has morphed into a sic ass party. The Dutch people have taken what once was a quaint celebration and made it into an all out two day party. All through the country people are celebrating in the open airs of cities taking over the streets with drinks in hand, smoking pot is alright and just being wild dressed all in orange is expected.

What to bring: Being alcohol to carry with you, orange clothes and maybe a little water to stay hydrated.


When: Mid April

Where: Anywhere in Thailand, but Bangkok and Chang Mai have the biggest parties.

What: Songkran is the celebration for Thai New Year. The idea of the event is to wash away your sins from the previous year. What ends up happening is a wild water fight that takes place all over the country. Of course, most westerners at the event are committing new sins whilst washing away the old as they party it up during the festivities. During this festival the town becomes alive with anxious tourists and excited locals. Since Songkran is largely celebrated it can be difficult to find accommodations. Booking your hotel in Bangkok several weeks before the festival is a wise decision. This not only helps to guarantee you a room, but it also offers the viability for you to compare hotel prices. This wet and wild party is something you will not want to miss!

What to bring: Disposable clothes, a water gun, extra water.

Glastonbury Music Festival

When: Last weekend of June

Where: Pilton, England

What: England’s largest and most uproarious music festival that is designed to celebrate music, arts, and the earth but mainly just becomes a ridiculously wild party that goes on for days. The camp site, with more than 200,000 people is the thing of legend with people giving new meaning to the words: tie one on. Stages are filled with diverse acts that put forward up to 700 different artists each year many of whom are big name.

Bring: Food, a tent, camping gear and what ever you need to have a good time alcohol and drugs wise

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