Swamp Sightseeing in Louisiana

For most people heading to Louisiana, the bright lights of New Orleans are the real draw. Not to mention the revelry of Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street. But if you’re going to be in the Big Easy, why not try something really wild: a tour of the swamps! Southeast Louisiana is dotted with swamps and […]

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The Buddhist Temples of Japan

For travellers interested in the cultural history of their destination, religious sites are usually a priority. In Japan, temples and shrines are some of the most visited sites and offer a glimpse into Japan’s past, as well as an opportunity to view beautiful art and architectural work. The entrance to the temple will be marked […]

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Michelangelo’s Florence

Italy is the famed home of the Renaissance and home to some of the Western world’s most cherished artists. Chief among them, Michaelangelo. He was a painter, sculptor, engineer and scientist and he is alive and well in Italy today, if you’re willing to look for him. If you’re planning a trip to Italy, there […]

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Tips for Surviving Turkey’s Bazaar Markets

If you’re ever in Turkey you will probably visit a bazaar. These are covered market streets that are lined with shops and stalls carrying a huge variety of goods and they are shopping hotspots for travellers and locals alike. They can also be terrifying if you’re not accustomed to shopping bazaar-style. The most famous bazaar […]

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Best Souvenirs for Your Mom

Buying souvenirs is one of my favourite parts of travelling. I love scouring shops and markets for unique items that suit the personalities of my friends and family. However, many people do not relish souvenir-shopping during their travels. These are often the same people who give terrible souvenirs. So, to help you save time, save […]

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Tech-Savvy Travel

It’s important to be prepared if you want to have positive travel experiences. Lucky for you, the tech industry has your back! There are countless apps available to help ensure your trip goes smoothly, and ever evolving ways to access those apps and stay connected while travelling. There are even some futuristic gadgets to keep […]

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Top Winter Destinations

Grab your parka and mittens, because this travel list is for those who are looking for unique, beautiful and exotic winter destinations that are as captivating as they are cold. Forget about jet setting south for the winter and head to one of these fantastic sub-zero locales. Iceland: Travel to Iceland in the winter is […]

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Globe-trotting for Geeks

Calling all geeks, nerds and Poindexters: this is your final boarding call. Geek culture is exploding on-line across television, cinema and print media. What was once a subculture that was hidden in suburban basements and pushed around in the school hallways has now become a way of life that is celebrated as unique, quirky and […]

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