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Passing the Time at the Airport


Do you ever find the hours seem to drag on just before you’re about to do something amazing? When you want the digits to count themselves back they go by so fast, like when you’re trying to savour a moment, but when you want it to hurry up and get here, well, it seems like the world’s clocks just run out of batteries.

This is why even if you grab parking Luton Airport to cut down on some of the hassle associated with flying you still need to have a few tricks up your sleeve for not driving yourself crazy waiting to depart. Of course it helps if you’re flying out of an airport with a few things to see and do, otherwise you’d best grab a comfy spot and just take a nap (but don’t sleep too hard or you’re bound to miss your flight!). Thankfully though, airports know people are primed for distractions and recreation and seem to take full advantage of this – which can be a blessing and a curse!

Here are a few of the ways I pass my time at the airport while waiting to head off on an adventure.

Macau_International_Airport_-_Departure_LoungeWander Around

Airports tend to be conducive to wandering and exploring – which is ironic when you consider how secure they are and how many off limits areas make up an airport. That being said, a lot of major airports around the world, particularly the old ones that aren’t the most efficient buildings, will have nooks and crannies that seem to be hidden from plain sight yet not restricted – try to find one of your own!

Watch the People

Travellers come in all shapes, sizes and levels of strange – in an airport you get a front row seat to all the madness! Watch as first time travellers go back and forth between various points, either lost, unsure or just darn excited about the whole thing. Check out the ladies who doll themselves all up to sit in a cramped seat for 10 hours in truly uncomfortable apparel – or those who go for maximum comfort and don’t care how they look.

Use Your Gadgets

Technology has drastically changed the way we travel in a number of ways and passing the time in a terminal is no different. Park yourself in front of a power socket and watch movies or play games until it’s time to board; jam to some of your favourite music with one ear free to hear the loudspeakers; text friends and family one last goodbye – it’s amazing how the time will just fly by with a gadget in hand!


Above all though, make sure you get to the airport early enough so you do have time to waste. Nothing is worse than not getting airport parking Stansted or missing your train and having to rush through the terminal – or other people will have fun watching you!

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