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Planning The Ultimate European Getaway

Want to take an unforgettable trip? Then you may want to consider a European getaway. With historic cities, iconic sights, and a wealth of attractions, the whole family can find something to enjoy. The key to a successful trip (whether it’s in London, Paris, or Milan) is to put the effort in before you touch down on the tarmac. That’s right – if you want to take the ultimate vacation, it’s time to get planning.


Start With Your Airfare

First thing is first. You need to find a cheap flight. Travelling across the world can be expensive! If you want to plan the ultimate getaway, you’ll need to save money wherever possible. Start with your airfare. You can look online for great deals, use coupon codes, or speak to a travel agent to find out about your options. Do a little research. It will help you find a budget friendly solution. Once you have your airfare figured out, you can start planning all of the other essentials – like hotel and transportation.


Come Up With a Rough Itinerary

Major cities and rural towns in Europe have one thing in common: there are many things to see and do! Whether that entails a full-fledged museum tour or just a walk around the populated areas, you want to see as much as possible. How can you do it? Come up with a rough itinerary. You don’t need to plan out every minute of every day… but you should try to have a list prepared. Write down the places you want to see the most. This will help you stay focused – and ensure you are making the most of your European getaway.


Gather Important Information

When you’re in a strange place, it is hard to stay organized. The Internet connection may be spotty or your phone may not have full service. That’s why it is always a good idea to gather the information you need prior to travelling. That could mean investing in a travellers guide to the city, printing out maps of the area, or downloading useful travel apps to your tablet. You may even want to jot down how much public transportation will cost or work out a currency conversion chart. Whatever you think you will need to have a successful trip, do it now. It will save you from scrambling when you’re on the other side of the world.

Pack Your Suitcase The Smart Way

Now that you have the basics covered (airfare, itinerary, and information) you can move onto another important aspect of the planning process: packing. Many of us suffer from severe over packing syndrome. It’s one of the most common travelling problems! You don’t want to lug an overweight suitcase with you. That can cost you extra money on travel fees and be downright annoying when you’re navigating from one place to the next. Your best bet? Print out a packing checklist and pack only what you need. Don’t bring along those just in case outfits or the maybe I’ll use that toiletry items. Stick to the essentials and only the essentials. You will likely pick up a few souvenirs during your stay – and you’ll need room in your suitcase to bring them home!


What could be more exciting than spending time in Europe? It is every travellers dream. Make that dream a reality by thinking ahead and planning properly. When you’re standing in front of the Eiffel Tour, the extra effort will be well worth it.

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