Road trip: 4 best music festivals in Queensland

No other place in Australia (or possibly even the world!) says ‘summer’ like a hot day in the Sunshine state. With its beautiful, varied scenery from rainforests to arid desert to stunning, reef-filled coastline, Queensland is arguably the best state in Australia for an extended road trip.

Few non-Queenslanders are in on the secret, but it’s also a great place to catch a music festival, and with an enticing range to choose from, why not base your Queensland road trip around the music festival calendar? You’ll learn that there is more to Queensland than you ever could have imagined.


Sydney can keep its fireworks; Queensland knows how to usher in the New Year, and that, my friends, is through Summafieldayze. Held in early January in what is more or less the ultimate festival location – renowned Gold Coast’s The Spit – Summafieldayze is a big deal of a festival always featuring an impressive mix of big-name and unknown indie bands.

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival

As the vaguely Melbournian name might suggest, St Jerome’s Laneway Festival is one for the indie kids, with more street cred than a Bondi hipster. It’s held on the first weekend of February in central Brisbane, the Queensland capital. Though next year’s line-up has not been released, this year’s boasted Flume and Nicolas Jaar, to name but a few. It conclusively proves that Queensland is more than just beaches and sunshine.

Golden Days Festival

Ahh, Golden Days. Every bit as halcyon as its name not so subtly suggests, Golden Days is a beachside festival held in mid November in Coolum, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast (which, by the way, is also as, er, sunshiney as its name suggests). This festival is a more relaxed option than the stereo-pumped Summafieldayze and techno-powered St Jerome’s, a weekend to really kick back and relax at. And why not indulge in a surf on the side while you’re there?

Caloundra Music Festival

Laidback and pristine, Caloundra boasts all the best that the Queensland coast has to offer. And there’s no better time to visit than late September for the not-for-profit Caloundra Music Festival, a beachy, family friendly affair.

It caters to music lovers from every genre, having featured performances by famous Aussie bands The Cat Empire, Living End and John Butler Trio in the past. We can’t wait to see who is on next year’s line-up. Whoever it is, we’re sure they will make sorting out the car loans for a vehicle with John Hughes well worthwhile – a road trip is called for!


Author bio: Jenny Johnson is a media student and freelance writer from the Gold Coast, Queensland.


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