Smoking Hash in Morocco


Travel anywhere in Europe, where hash is a lot more prevalent than North America, and chances are you have heard someone talk about Moroccan Hash. With a good proportion of the Moroccan male population smoking Kif, as they call it, there is plenty of it to be found in this nation. Now before you get wild and head straight down there to smoke your heart’s content there are some things that you should be aware of. Consider this blog to be a bit of a heads up for smoking hash in Morocco and some of the dangers that are connected with that.

Buying Hash in Morocco 

Chances are that if you have a backpack on you will be offered “kif” in Morocco quickly… perhaps in the same sentence that a rug and a tour is also offered. Though this is an option you might not be getting very good stuff. The best option if at all possible is to befriend some local men. If you have the chance to smoke with them you will be getting the real Morocco grade stuff. Be warned it is probably stronger than you are use to.

Where to Smoke

Hash is usually crumbled and mixed with tobacco then rolled into a joint or smoked from a pipe. Common places to actually smoke it are inside one of the numerous small cafes that local men sit and play cards while smoking and drinking mint tea. This may only be an option, however if you are invited – and is usually not possible for female travelers. Many backpacking hostels, especially in Chechaouen, are relaxed for letting guests smoke in them and in their courtyards. Smoking in secluded spots on the beach is also possible, as hash is illegal in Morocco do not spoke in general public especially near Mosques.


The Rif Mountains in the North East of Morocco are a location where marijuana is grown and hash is processed. A nearby town of Chefchaouen has long been a bastion for hippy travelers who want to partake in Morocco’s infamous export of hash. Chefchaouen, also known for having a section of town painted a sky blue, is renowned for being relaxed for backpackers enjoying hash. There are many hostels here filled with stoned backpackers.

Penalties for buying or being caught smoking hash

Now the scary part, officially the punishment for smoking or buying hash is ten years imprisonment. The reality though is with so many Moroccan males smoking this level of punishment is rarely enforced. That does not mean to take breaking their laws lightly. If you do find yourself caught by police try to pay a fine there on the spot. Being a foreigner also means that you may be singled out whereas locals are left alone.

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