Some more of the World`s Wildest Parties

Summertime means its time to party. Everyone loves to let their hair down and to get frisky and wild, but some places like it just a little more. With the world filled with options to party it’s only you that is holding yourself back from booking a ticket and joining parties that have reached the status of legendary.

bay-to-breakers-1Bay to Breakers

When: Third Sunday of May

Where: San Francisco, California

What: Began as a 7 mile long foot race Bay to Breakers has turned into a 7 mile costume party and keg race instead. Traversing through down town San Fran people come dressed in wildly elaborate costumes and push along with them kegs of beer in shopping carts, the result is a mixture of Mardi Gras and Halloween with a spring break’esque’ twist.

What to bring: A crazy/funny costume and beer, lots of it…


When: The full moon in March

Where: India

What: Holi is a Hindu festival that occurs in northern India where people look to renew themselves for the next year coming. This renewal process starts with a bonfire than eventually descends into splashing water and coloured flour all over everybody. Chances are everyone wouldn`t mind if you add a little firepower to the proceedings and drink before the flouring begins.

What to Bring: Different colours of flour, plenty of water and clothes that can get trashed.


When: First week of June

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

What: Started as a street party that gave the chance for local shops to give back to the community by giving music and good cheer on the streets in front of them. Eventually shops started competing to have the best parties and now its just a huge bash that take place for four days around Copenhagen. Each day street parties, complete with plenty of street drinking, take place in a new part of the city. Wild great time are assured.

What to bring: Bring yourself, good cheer, and beers for in your backpack.

Australia Day 

When: January 26th

Where: Anywhere in Australia or anywhere where there are lots of Australians

What: Australia day celebrates the date of the first European settlements in Australia. Always a fun loving bunch Australia day acts as a chance for Ozzies to have BBQs and drink plenty of beer. From Sydney all the way down to the smallest towns in Australia people soak in the summer sun and make a huge day of it. In typical friendly Australian fashion, and being such big travelers themselves, the Aussies  are more than happy to open their arms to travelers looking to have a good time in their nation. Australia day has become popular not only to locals but to visitors as well. Travelers come from all over to celebrate this historic day, as well as participate in festivities. All you need to do to join in on the fun is book a flight to Sydney, find a hotel, and get ready for a day of fun and activities. The Australians really do know how to party and make it a day to remember! What to bring: Bring something to cook, and plenty of beer

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