Some of the Worlds Best Parties


Well let’s face it people are always looking to party. Trips are organized around making it to the promised lands of drinks, excess and general debauchery. Found the world over people in all continents fancy a good bash and this list is no different touching all over the globe. The following list will detail places you should go to get wild, get out of it, and hopefully hook up…. the latter being on you.

Full Moon Party 

When: During the full moon each month.

Where: Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

What: The legendary monthly party on the beaches of Ko Pha Nhan where travelers meet up, drink excessively (and use other drugs) from buckets, and pound the sands to legendary DJs that spin all night long. Beginning originally as an intimate fare well party amongst travelers heading different directions in the 1980`s, the full moon party is now an event that attracts as many as 20,000 people each month. Perhaps, it has gone a touch corporate… but at the same time if it is the wildest party in Asian.

What to bring: Clothes that can get wrecked and sandals…

burningman1Burning Man

Where: Blackrock Desert, Nevada, USA

When: Eight days before Labour Day in the US.

What: An outdoor, lived life style and art extravaganza where a makeshift community without money – everyone barters for everything – is formed. The idea is an event that is anti materialism that harbours back to older more communal times. Political rhetoric aside each night is a massive party with bands, DJs, drugs, and all night parties. Each year a specific theme is chosen.

What to bring: Something to barter with people either a good, or service… This will allow you to participate in Burning Mans make shift barter system. Also, if staying and camping out bring all the necessary items to camp and stay for however long you intend to be there.

La Tomatina

When: The last Wednesday of August

Where: Bunol, a small town in Spain

What: Started as a practical joke between two shop keepers la Tomatina has become the world’s most renowned and wildest food fight. Established in 1945 as a yearly tradition more than 30,000 people come to the tiny of Bunol to take part in this food fight. Now it goes with out saying that the days leading up to the food fight, and even more acutely the hours leading up to it, are a ruckus party. Adults are not throwing tonnes of tomatoes sober; they’re smashed off their heads and having a great time.

Bring: Clothes that can be thrown into the trash and swimming goggles are you’ll get tomato juice in your eyes.

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