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The Splendid and Special Madrid Travel

Madrid is based in Spain. It is the central capital of Spain, and it is known for being excellent and expensive. The place looks great with the manicured green parks. In fact, it would be great to discuss the details Madrid travel. Here you find the fabulous repositions of the Europe art forms.

Madrid travel

These include the Prado Museum, and the array of work by the Goya, Velázquez and other Spanish experts. If you plan for Madrid Travel, here is the list of things you must see. The place is known for the line of the portico-lined Plaza Mayo. You would even like to have a sight of the Royal Palace and the armory.

  • The Prado Museum

In Madrid, you cannot go without visiting the Prado Museum. Here, you find a collection of more than 5000 paintings. This is an integral part of Madrid Travel. As part of the collection, you can admire the 12th-century Spanish paintings. You would love to have a glimpse of the famous and the notable masterpieces.

Madrid travel

Madrid Travel is special and exclusive. At the museum, you find the painting assortments by Francisco de Goya. The collection at the museum also includes French, Flemish, German and British paintings. The place is known for Neoclassical Italian sculptures.

  • Royal Palace at Madrid

The Royal Palace at Madrid is really splendid. The place is known for the Grandiose Architecture, and this is inspired by the Versailles. This makes an interesting part of Madrid Travel. The Royal Court is specifically designed for the reason to impress. The place is particularly famous for the exquisite features of the neoclassical façade.

Madrid travel

When you plan for Madrid Travel you should make sure to visit the destination of real value. The iconic columns of the court are sure to attract your attention. Moreover, you can even admire the Doric Pilasters. These are masterpieces of the time.

  • Ambience of Plaza Mayor

It is time to feel great to sense the Elegant 17th-Century Ambience at Plaza Mayor. The Plaza was built at the time of Philip III. The Plaza Mayor has always been the center of attraction for the tourists. The Madrid Travel is made special with the 17th century Plaza.

Madrid travel

The place is a center of municipal and commercial activities. Here you can see the scene of the ceremonial events. The Plaza is an essential ground for the tourists to meet at one place. It would be great to include Plaza Mayor when making a list of Madrid Travel.

  • The Special Puerta del Sol

In Madrid, you would be happy to visit the Puerta del Sol. This is known to be the heart of the city. The destination is named based on the sun emblem prominent on the gate of the old city. One cannot make a list of Madrid Travel without mentioning Puerta del Sol.

In fact, Madrid Travel is made exclusively with the inclusion of Puerta del Sol. This is the ground for perfect public transportation. The place is important with several bus stops. Moreover, the multiple metro entrances make traveling easy.

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