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Staying Active on Vacation

While some people use a vacation as a chance to break from routine and do very little that requires physical exertion, still others want to be challenged and push their limits in a new setting. If you’re the kind of person who has worked hard to stay in good shape and likes to make physical activity a part of their lives, even on vacation, cycling holidays will be right up your alley. They get you out into the great wide world in an intimate way that a car just can’t do justice and walking doesn’t cover enough ground.

czech-cycle-route-signThere are some parts of the world that just seem to embrace the bicycle more so than others and if you really sit back and look at how they do it, it makes you feel downright lazy for not doing so yourself. Heading to most countries in Asia, even technology heavy Japan, will see bikes dominating the road ahead of cars and bike laws being just about as strict – even requiring special permits and parking places! The same can be said for some of the European countries like the Netherlands and Czech Republic – life itself would be greatly altered without their bikes.

What this results in is people being more active in their everyday life to the point where it isn’t even a matter of working out to stay fit because they do it all on their own. People think nothing of going to the market 10 minutes away to grab their food for the evening meal because that is just how things are – they do this because they buy mostly fresh things instead of mass shopping for a week or two at a time, leading to healthier diets. As soon as you insert a car into the equation, you can overindulge and don’t need the energy to get back home as well.

For tourists though, biking offers a chance to see the city through the eyes of the local for a lot cheaper than it would be to hire a car. You can get into those old parts of the city that cars aren’t allowed in or head out into the country and bike along scenic waterways you might not see if you stuck to public transit.


The other great thing about taking a cycling holiday is the payoff – you burn so many calories doing that, you can afford to eat a bit heavy or drink those few extra beers in the evening without the post-vacation weight gain that usually shows its face once you get home. Vacations are great for relaxing but for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and like to see the world at the same time, consider taking a cycling holiday this year.

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