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Stretching Your Travel Money without being Cheap

When you’re in a foreign country there really are two ways to do it. One, pack your short time into as much extravagance and experience as you can. This will cost a pretty penny. Or, two, stretch your money so you can extend your trip and see more places. Now if you take the latter position you are almost surely going to be immersed in a juggling act of saving money to see more, but spending it wisely to make the most of the places you may never see again. With that in mind, below are a few suggestions to stretch your dollar out without being cheap.


1) If the water is safe in a country then buy one bottle of water and keep re-filling the bottle from the tap. This will save you a lot of money.

2) If you are going to splurge on a meal pick lunch not dinner. Being in gastronomically known countries such as Italy or France and not having a meal is paramount to sacrilege and will take away from your experience. The way to make it not add up to an astronomical total is to eat a lunch time meal rather than dinner. This is often far less expensive with special lunch prices.

3) Traveling with a partner will save you money. If you travel with your sweetie, or a really good friend you will be able to save when your purchase double rooms. Often they are only slightly more expensive than singles.

4) Booking sightseeing tours, trains/buses, and even accommodation is almost always cheaper when you do it on the country of the services as opposed to at home. Also, booking this way will give you far more flexibility in your trip.

5) Debit cards are always the cheapest way of withdrawing cash in foreign countries. Using traveler’s cheques and or exchanging cash is a quick way to lose a lot of the moneys face value, especially if you don’t pay close attention to what the vendor charges for the service. Do some research how different countries charge for foreign debit and credit cards withdrawing money.

6) Sometimes looking for hostels outside of the city centre or even camp ground can be a great way to stretch your travelling dollar. Not surprisingly, hostels closer to the hustle of the city core will pay a premium for that. Research the costs of getting to and from the city centre though, you don’t want to see your savings burned up with bus rides.

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