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    Costa Rica: The Perfect Destination For Every Traveler

    The moment you hear about Costa Rica, it creates a sensational image of paradise, doesn’t it? Be it the idyllic beaches or the popular volcanoes, and lush rainforests – this tourist hotspot in Central America should be on every wanderlust’s bucket list. This is the country that has to offer the best of everything, be it food, local experiences, or the magnificence of nature. If you wish to come across nothing more than pristine nature, sultry beaches, and unspoiled primitive terrain, Costa Rica is the place for you. To prove this is the perfect destination for every traveler, we have assembled a long list of reasons. This heavenly Central American…

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    Borneo: A land of wild exploration

    Borneo is the largest island in the world and is administered by three powers namely Malaysia, Indonesia and sultanate of Brunei. The island is mainly mountainous with large rainforests which make this place diverse with flora and fauna. Well, if you are a foster traveller and travelling is your passion then this is a land of wild exploration, so wild that it going on a holiday doesn’t seem to fit in the place, you would rather mention going on an expedition. Much of the landscape in the island is a jungle, and you will witness orangutans swinging throughout the rainforest. Mt Kinabalu, Borneo’s biological treasure trove Situated at 4095 m…