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It’s important to be prepared if you want to have positive travel experiences. Lucky for you, the tech industry has your back! There are countless apps available to help ensure your trip goes smoothly, and ever evolving ways to access those apps and stay connected while travelling. There are even some futuristic gadgets to keep you comfortable and entertained on your journey. If you’re doing a lot of travelling, it might be time to upgrade your travel tech.


If you have a smart phone (and you probably have a smart phone), there are plenty of travel apps to help you plan your trip, enjoy yourself en route, and find out about fun events going on at your destination. Sites like Kayak, itravel2000 and Hipmunk offer phone apps that allow you to compare flights, hotels and car rentals and you can sign up for alerts when the price of a flight to your destination goes down. GateGuru is an app that can direct you to airport amenities like cafes, restrooms and shops, ranked according to reviews. Time to Enjoy can be used once you arrive to find out about events and activities (movies, sports events, exhibits). It even suggests them based on your lifestyle.

When you’re travelling it can be hard to know how you will keep in touch with friends and family and be able to access the internet, your phone network or other wireless devices. For many people, using your phone out-of-country is as simple as buying a local sim card, but if that option doesn’t work for you, try apps like Skype or Facetime to keep in touch. Make sure you bring your charger and an adapter so you can plug in to outlets in the country you’re heading to. Tablet devices are great for accessing internet when travelling and you can often find free wifi at internet cafes, coffee shops and restaurants all over the world.  Alternatively, broadband usb sticks might be an good option and are available from your internet provider (or computer retailers abroad). They are not the speediest way to access the internet, but they could be necessary if you don’t have wifi nearby.

For the futuristic jet setter, I recommend the most cutting edge tech travel apparel. How about trying on Vuzix’s Wrap 1200 system – video eyewear that allows you to watch video from any media source as if you were sitting in front of a full sized screen? And to keep your travel tech collection safe and on your person, try Scottvest’s Transformer Jacket. It changes from jacket to vest with the help of a magnetic seam and contains 20 hidden pockets inside for holding your smartphone, mp3 player, keys, wallet, passport, waterbottle and even a tablet.

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