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The Attraction to People from Different Countries

If you have traveled before I am sure you have felt that unparalleled attraction to people from different countries. Their accents are unique, their mannerisms fetching, and their ways of looking at the world are just different and for that reason intriguing. Well if that’s you, then you’re in the majority of people. Everyone who has put a backpack on and gone abroad has that definite attraction to people from different countries. And now sitting writing this blog, I ponder to myself why that is… ? Why do travelers love to have hook ups, date, and occasionally marry people from other places.


People from Different Countries have Different Body Language –
I remember once sitting in a hostel common room in Montpellier, France listening to this French girl speak in French. Her friend who had spent time in South Africa translated between her and I when she felt left out of the conversation because she couldn’t speak English. Every little sashay she made and her absolutely feminine facials expressions that accompanied her words had me smitten right then and there. I think the uniqueness of peoples different none verbal behavior can do this for anyone.

Then again she was French…
If you’re open minded, different ways of living and thinking will be attractive –
For the most part travelers are open minded people that is why they are interested in going abroad to expand themselves and see different things. For this reason being around people of different view point is attractive and fascinating, it might make you more attracted to a person than you would be. A different point of view gives the opportunity to change one’s own self and be something different or better. Perhaps seeing someone who could modify your world view attracts you unconsciously.

It makes for a good story to tell your friends
Hooking up with a cute boy or girl makes for an interesting piece of info to tell friends about later. Being able to say that you made out with a German girl or that you dated an Australian guy for a few months instantly raises your international persona. People are intrigued by this and by extension all of a sudden become intrigued by you as a spill over. Maybe that is part of the secret reason for the attraction… being able to tell it to other people afterwards.

In the end, connection and friendship whether it is the person next door or from someone from the far reaches of Siberia has its rewards. Has to be said though, there is something about those foreign friends and what they bring to the table.

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