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The Negatives of Visiting Amsterdam

While there are a lot of hugely positive reasons to visit Amsterdam there are a few stumbling blocks to the city as well that could lead you to choose another city if you have only limited time in Europe. All cities have negatives and Amsterdam the city of liberality is no exception. With everything there is a positive and negative wrapped together depending on how you look at. A few of the negatives of Amsterdam are.

Not really that Big 

Well Amsterdam is a great walking city because the truth is that it is really not particularly big. A city of around 800,000 in a really compact city core means that unless you are there to partake in the smoking culture you may run out of things to do fairly quickly. Not to say that there aren’t things to see as there are – the Rijk and Van Gogh museums, the Anne Frank House – but the main reason for visitors to come is to see Amsterdam itself and you may leave a little underwhelmed by its size. Within a day or two of wandering a sense of the city can be established. Also, people expecting to come here and find a wild party city may be very disappointed as there are not a lot of late night options during the week.

red3_1690687aSome of the tourists are seedy

Many tourists coming to Amsterdam are here to partake in sex and drugs. Now along the spectrum there are the pot smoking liberal minded types on one end and on the other the 100% hedonistic, uncouth scum bags on the other. Unfortunately the latter grouping has a tendency to stand out as they extrapolate legal laws as meaning that there are no social mores in the city. There is one day that is true, April 31st on Queens Day, but the rest of the time people like that really stand out for their vulgarity and can tarnish by their presence a fantastic wander through Amsterdam beautiful streets.

Amsterdamers are over tourists 

Connecting to the last point, Amsterdamers are starting to get over tourists. Similar to Paris, and other heavily visited cities, the Dutch in Amsterdam are not as interested as they use to be to help stoned tourists or answer questions about the city. The reason being that citizens of the city have done it so many times before and during the summer their city is literally – in a lot of sections – taken over by tourists. The result is that visitors attempts to befriend Dutch people – in many situations, though to be fair not all – with a cold shoulder.

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