Few things in fantastic destination


“Kopiaste” – sit down with us, eat with us, welcome! The hospitality of Cypriots is overwhelming.

Even in the tiniest mountain village you will discover taverna serving delicious island specialities. The traditional “meze” meal makes sampling very simple: it consists of hot and cold dishes. Small portions of up to 30 different dishes.

Wreck Diving

The ZENOBIA, Cyprus’s best known site, is rated as one of the top ten wreck dives in the world.

The 172m-long ferry sank with its entire cargo throughout its maiden voyage in June 1980 and rests on the bottom at depths of between 18-42m. Expert’s different could penetrate the vessel to explore options like the ship’s restaurant and cargo deck. Natural attractions include shoals of barracuda, giant wrasse, tuna and amberjack.

Spa and Wellness

Take care of yourself and check out “SPA” programs that are offered by several leading hotels and Spa Centres in Cyprus. All programs are supervised by professionals. You’ll feel stimulating effects of sauna and steam room, aromatherapy and individual Spa treatments…Rehabilitation programs, body toning, distinctive beauty treatments and relaxation. SPA – therapy is one of pleasant forms of treatment, sure you may appreciate it.

Walk the Avakas Gorge

It is described asthe masterpiece of nature, however it’s a tough path. Visiting this a part of the Akamas in Paphos, could be a walker’s dream and a good chance to find the island’s rich flora. The gorge, t30 metres high, is claustrophobically narrow at one point and unbelievably, the stream that created this miracle still runs on it.

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