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Things to do in Berlin

Berlin is one of Europe’s most artistic charged and dynamic cities. Spending some time there will give you the chance to soak in a variety of culture be it from Berlin’s historical past, including 50 years of Communist rule in the East. Still coming to grips with being split down its centre, Berlin has long been a central leaver of Europe art and culture scene. Below are a few suggestions for things that you can do in the city.

1) Discover amazing art in the city outdoors and indoors.

Berlin is filled with galleries. They range from tiny independent studios to the expansive national gallery at the Hamburger Bahnhof. The Bannhof began as the cities train station before taking on its new role. The city is filled with many unofficial outlets for art in the city. Artist squats and collectives exist around the city many of which regularly display their works. The streets are covered with amazing graffiti or street art. There is a mile lone remaining stretch of the Berlin wall that has been covered in the artwork of more than a 100 artists.

2) Delve Into History

One recommendation is to head to the Brandenberg gate for one of the daily tours. These tours are free, but it is suggested that you offer a donation to the great tour guides who will detail the story of Berlin before, in-between, and after the first and Second World War. The tour will show many of the iconic buildings of monuments including the former Gestapo and SS headquarter, Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial. This is fantastic way to connect to the far reaching past of this city.

3) Wander on Foot or Bike, find Cafes, and Music

Like a lot of great European cities Berlin is great for just walking around to the different parts of town. Perhaps renting a bike will allow you to see more if this walking tour doesn’t vastly appeal to you. I suggest that you make time to wander into Kreutzeberg the bohemian section of the city. Re-connecting to point one, there will be much art and cafes to be enjoyed here. You will find some lovely cafes to step into, take up a coffee and sit watching people wander by. Be sure while you are doing this to at some point take advantage of the varied music scene. Even just stopping to listen to buskers ply their trade.

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