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Chile tourist attractionsAhu Tongariki

The 15 massive moai (statue) lined up on AHU TONGARIKI make a sensational sight. The statues were destroyed by a huge tidal wave in 1960, but the site was restored afterwards. You mustn’t miss Ahu Tongariki when travel to Chile with your family. It is a great site that most travelers visit and take pictures. The scenery is breathtaking and it’s a huge, almost straight up to sea cliffs include the beaches. Ahu Tongariki is the biggest traditional site ever made on the island, featuring the largest number of moai ever erected on a single site, and each statue is unique, by only one highlighting the iconic red-rock “pukao,” or traditional crown.

Lagunas Miscanti y Miniques

Lagunas Miscanti y Miniques has the spectacular backdrop and, you can see two natural gems if you travel to Chile. The two salt-water seas, the Miniques and the Miscanti, tall tale at a height above sea level of over 13,123 feet on the Antiplano Table, in the darks of the huge Miniques volcano and the soaring Cerro Miscanti Mount. Divided from a one body of water by volcanic lava pour, the lakes feature a blue apparent that perfectly replicates the nearby mountains. The most common technique to touch the lakes is on a prearranged tour, since a separate trip can be complicated due to high above sea level and poor situations of the native roads. You can strategy San Pedro de Atacama journey in no time by asking Inspirock to help create your journey.

Valle de la Luna – Valle de la Muerte

The unusual rocky formations and hills of Moon Valley and the varying shades of Mars Valley and the Salt Mounts are one of the best Chile tourist attractions that you can’t miss while visiting the Atacama Desert. At night time, both spot turn into the most loving spot for space science. Found just a San Pedro de Atacama, you can get to these spiritual locations on bike, walk from place to place and enjoy sand boarding on the hills. Visit them and appreciate the awe-inspiring shadows that the desert shows.

Cerro San Cristobal

Cerro San Cristobal is a big mountain in the central of the city affords one of the most unbelievable Chile tourist attractions. For those inexperienced to Santiago, the vision from up here will let you position the city in its backdrops; the Andes Mountains and the Cordillera de la Costa. There are many different types of spots is there to view the city, so take some time to wander around and enjoy them all. Make sure to check out the statue of La Virgen, and the memorial for Pope John Paul II. There are also snack public house and traveler shops to visit, but even if you’re not shopping make you sure you have a little cash.

Cerro Santa Lucia

Cerro Santa Lucia is a metropolitan city in the middle of Santiago, Chile. If you’re looking for relaxing and chill off in the shadow during your trip of Cerro Santa Lucia. Beginning any higher point around the city you can get Cerro Santa Lucia stabbing up through the building structures. The palace is a stark gap from the glass and real buildings nearby it. When you reach at the park there are three different entries. The park has a lot of steps so if you’re watching to lessen them; you can come in the Santa Lucia Metro side which has slopes top up to the main terrace.

There’s also a traveler information center, at this entry, if you want to see the Chile tourist attractions Cerro Santa Lucia is one of the best.

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