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Things to do in Salzburg


Nestled away in the mountains Salzburg more than the town immortalized in the film The Sound of Music, it is a hub of cultural activity. Picturesque scenery mixed with high class culture and architecture is what visitors to Salzburg can appropriately expect. While in the city there are a variety of different things that you can do between visiting palaces, walking the streets of the old town, and touring Mozart’s residence. A few of things that you can do in Salzburg include.

Wander the Old Town

The bustling, tourist friendly Old Town of Salzburg not only houses many of the attractions of the city – Mozart’s Birthplace and Salzburg Museum – but also is a splendid example of architecture dating back to the middle ages. The narrow streets are filled with varied shops, cafes and restaurants and will make an ideal location for spending a day just wandering slowly, people watching, and soaking in what is Salzburg. Be sure to explore the Jewish District and the Alter Market, the latter a market dating back to the 13th century.

342578018_74ba21cdae_b Salzburg Cathedral 

Salzburg cathedral towers over Salzburg as a testimonial of the city’s religiosity, power, and wealth. Looming up into the sky the Cathedral has long inspired a sense of awe in those that see it with its turquoise domes and towering facades. The church has been built, repaired, and rebuilt many times in the past millennia with the current structure showcasing the best of baroque ecclesiastical architecture. Take note of the extreme craftsmanship in many of the statues inside to show the lengths that were taken to make this church a hall mark of Christianity. Entrance to the Cathedral is free.

Mirabell Gardens

Mirabell Gardens are not only beautiful gardens in of themselves, but they also offer an amazing view over the old town of Salzburg and Salzburg castle. Notable inside these gardens are the Pegasus Fountain, Dwarf Garden, and even the stairs immortalized in Sound of Music that Julie Andrews and company practised in. Visitors to this garden always enjoy wandering the winding paths, viewing the unique sculptures, and enjoying the great view over the city. Though best to tour in the summer when the flowers are in bloom the gardens are open year round for free.

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