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Tips for Hitting the Slopes

So this is the big year – you’re finally going to head off on that big skiing/snowboarding trip that you’ve always said you would do one day at a fancy ski resort. With so many exciting destinations all over the world, each with their own distinct feeling and scenery, from New Zealand’s sensational peaks to the heights of the Canadian Rockies, you have no shortage of options for a truly memorable experience.

Knowing what to bring on a skiing vacation can be a bit of a challenge, particularly if you are travelling a great distance, space is somewhat limited and you want to live to do it again one day. Here are some things to keep in mind if skiing or snowboarding is on your winter itinerary this year!


Dress in Layers

It’s going to be cold when you’re on the slopes, so you want to be properly dressed – particularly with some sort of wind breaker incase the winds pick up on top of a mountain. That being said, you’re also going to get quite warm from all the physical activity. If you dress in layers, you can start peeling clothes off to stay comfortable. Many resorts have lockers you can stash your gear in as well, so look out for those.


Bring Extra Clothing

This is mainly for after you’re done skiing for the day. Some people make the mistake of thinking they will wear their ski clothes after they are done, only to find they are sweat logged and gross feeling. Bring changes of clothes so you always feel fresh and dry or else face uncomfortable rashes!


Drink Plenty of Water

All that sweat you lose comes from somewhere and if you’re on the hills all day, you might forget to keep your fluids up. Take breaks every so often to drink something hydrating – try to avoid too many soft drinks as they don’ replenish fluids as well.


Protect your Skin

Hurdling down a mountain with the wind coming at you, sun beating down and reflecting off all that snow does a real number on your skin. Many people after a day of skiing have wind and sunburn faces that can take a while to heal. Wear the appropriate masks and consider slapping on some sunscreen of at least SPF 30, as skiing can be just as harmful on your skin as a day at the beach.


Avoid the Back Country

It’s beautiful, serene and utterly abandoned – but don’t dare cross the rope to get to it. Every year skiers are lost in avalanches due to crossing into the off-limits parts looking for a new challenge. Stick to the course and keep  your life.

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