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Tips for Women Travellers


Travelling is a sport for some and a hobby for a few others. Some look at it as a passion and some need to travel for a stress-buster. Whatever the reason be, travelling always turns out to be an adventurous experience with new cultures and regions getting explored and one tends to self-introspect and get closer to his or her own self. A few ground rules for travel though remain the same. Here a few tips for women travellers around the world who wish to embark on their own journey, solo or in company.


If you are a big group of women travelling together, security is not much of a concern. However, preparations start at the very basic stage of planning your itinerary. Choose a destination that is women friendly and does not have extremist or communal elements at the onset. A few countries are not safe for women to travel as their society denies their own women a few fundamental rights of their very existence. Travelling to such far corners could mean inviting trouble. Bigger cities and well known tourist destinations are advisable as information at such places is readily available. Have all the emergency contacts well researched and kept at hand before you start your journey. You never know when and where you might end up needing them!


If you are a solo traveller, you have to be doubly cautious. Staying in touch could be essential at times to not let your family get paranoid about your safety. With affordable international calling options these days, you could just be a call away, no matter which part of the world you are in. There are several global operators who offer top up plans and pre and post paid calling deals which make it easier for you to stay connected even if you are running on pocket-string budgets. Making free calls too is easier with VOIP and Skype available at your doorstep if you are carrying a personal laptop. Bigger cities tend to have internet hotspots everywhere.


Aside of staying connected, girls travelling alone need to do an even better research of the places they are planning to visit. Check on all the exotic locations to go to, as also places to avoid, especially at late or odd hours. Lonely planet guides give you a great insight into these issues. If you are backpacking, the YHIA (Youth Hostelling International Association) gives you plenty of accommodation options. Youth Hostels are spread to the remotest of the locations on this planet and offer dorm beds or coed stay facilities at dearth cheap rates. They are secure and can provide with all the information required. You tend to get acquainted with like-minded people since travellers and backpackers often stay at such places and you might even end up finding some good company in case you get home sick or start feeling lonely. Always carry a book on you as travelling alone can seem a little over-rated at times!


Carry all your documents on you at all times and have traveller cheques and an international card rather than a lot of cash. If possible, have a local contact. Groups like couchsurfing often help you meet people who might be willing to have a cup of coffee and take you around the city. This could mean a welcome change. Do not hesitate to cut short that adventure if you get too lonely! Last but not the least; carry a good camera to take those great shots that will truly make this experience not just unique, but also memorable!


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