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Top Spots for Nightlife in NYC

Perhaps the best city in the world for going out, New York has options for every person under the sun… or in this case under the moon. The places listed aren’t going to be where you go for an easy going pint and watch the Knicks game these are spots that are noted for happening night life, great cocktails, and beautiful people. This blog will direct you, but you will have to do the rest and fandangle your way past the mean mugging door man. If you’re a girl rock those heels, and if you’re a guy… well, good luck.


Sway – Spring Street and Greenwich
A club night on Sundays that has a Chinese DJ bashing out new mixes of Morriesey and his other favourites fused with electronic sounds. Don’t come, be seen and leave as much of the best music of the night comes in the last hour when the DJ really turns to the esoteric. Underneath the DJ box is a special area reserved for celebrities.

Annex – 152 Orchard Street
A Manhattan House club that brings out hardcore ravers complete with bright colours and asymmetrical hairdos. Look for the clubs trade mark ink black tiles out front and cross your fingers as you pay, it can be a hit or miss, that the Dj is popping it off that night.

Hotel del Mano – Corner of north 9th street and Berry Street
Not a hotel, this is a club Brooklyn that has been retrofitted into a former tattoo parlour. The staff here is ultra friendly and go way out of their way to make sure you are always attended to and taken care of. Try the extensive cocktail menu, but perhaps try to have someone else pay…

The Box – 189 Chrystie Street
This is an ULTRA exclusive New York hot spot that caters to the ultra rich, beautiful and powerful. Okay, unless you are all of those things, or bring a Studio 54esque freakish quality out – you’re a dancing midget, or an all in drag queen – you will not get past the rope. Never so never though, or ;perhaps you can sit and watch the line and celebrity spot instead as B listers lines up there too.

Town House – 206 east 58th St
A club situated inside a converted townhouse. Townhouse is morosely decorated and brings out an eclectic crowd who drink martinis and talking about all things that are in vogue at the moment. This is a good place to lament lost loves, failed careers, and the hope of tomorrow all under the veil of ever flowing martinis.

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