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Travel Styles and Where you Should Visit

There are definitely a lot of personalities that make up the world and each of them have different ideas what a great trip is. Depending on where you fit in on the personality continuum, the trip for you is something that can be decided along a few different variables. This blog will take the time to discuss just what those variables are. Generally played off against each other the variable will help you decide what type of vacation will best suit you and lead to the most enjoyment possible.

freedom-travelPlanned versus Spontaneous

A central element of the trip or vacation that is going to best suit you is your desire for either having organized activities planned for you or being free to choose what you want to do at a moments notice.  The planner hates spontaneity and the spontaneous person hates being stuck to a plan. Depending on where you fall versus the other position– and perhaps you are near the middle, which is ideal – you can look to self led travel versus tours and resort vacations.

Culture versus Partying

Another important question that needs to be addressed is how much you like to party and meet people versus getting to bed early and soak in culture in new places minus a roaring hangover. A hangover while looking at the painting of the Louvre or wandering around the Alhambra in Spain definitely takes away from the magic of those locations. Still though meeting people while abroad and enjoying some good night life is a central tenement of good times too. Decide where you fall on this question, it could be the difference between exploring ancient cities or going to resort and party vacations.

Warm versus Normal Climate

A last aspect to consider is your desire for warm weather. Is this something that is really crucial to you during your vacation? Many people see nothing better than escaping their own winter by going somewhere warm like Hawaii or Mexico. On the other hand if being in a warm place isn’t so important you can enjoy huge savings by going to places off season. The reality is that escaping winter to get to summer always comes at a hefty premium. Your feelings on needing warmth and beach versus being content in 12 degree weather surrounded by culture will have a large effect where you will travel too.

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