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What is Freedom?

There is one thing that will slow a traveler down more than anything else, things – especially furniture. You have furniture and where are you going to put it if you decide to slip away for longer then a few weeks? Chances are your parents don’t want your dingy old couch and friends have their own stuff. So the choices are sell it, store it, or toss it. All three options bite into your travel bottom line and like it or not cut down on your potential for spontaneity. Really true the truest sense of travel is near pure spontaneity to explore whims.


Born to Run
Just like the lyrics of the Bruce Springsteen song the traveler was born to run, but let’s face it running isn’t so easy if you have to organize selling your furniture. Spontaneity of decision, which in my experience as a traveler myself and being around them, happens in a serendipitous moment – I am leaving and leaving tomorrow. Now it can’t be denied that the ability of that is a true freedom. Nothing tying you down, materially or relationship wise, and you can go immediately.

Are relationships things?
Here lies a question, one that is also connected to individual’s subjective world views, are other people and what they provide to you objects or do these people become internalized to you? This comes up in terms of the concept of having things tying you down. If people are objectified then what they can bring can be replaced by another person filling the role and again it is easy to walk away. If they are internalized they become irreplaceable if you care for them and make it hard to leave them. This is where the idea of having nothing tying the traveler down becomes more complex.

The freedom versus security debate
So now pure freedom is the ability to move without being held back by people are things; invariable though this come into derision with building security for oneself. Freedom versus security is like a teeter totter it is hard for both to co-exist and as one grows the other lessens. So the question becomes what is freedom… freedom to move is a freedom, but security provides freedom from misfortune and being able to roll with the punches with that.

As this discussion circular as it has become highlights the topic of freedom and the traveler is a deep and a rich one. Really there are no definite answers just revolving questions and each of developing our own position towards them.

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