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What to do in Canada?

With beautiful scenery, welcoming atmosphere and vibrant cities, Canada is one of the best holiday destinationsCanada travel is a must as it has spectacular coastlines, majestic mountains, virgin forests, Arctic tundra and also spacious prairies. There are lots to do in Canada and you might miss out something while being busy looking at one mesmerizing place. We have brought the Canada tourist attractions for you.

Niagara Falls

That was so obvious. It is one of the most popular Canada tourist attractions. With the spellbinding amazing waterfalls with a rainbow just above, it is all magical. If there is heaven on Earth, this is it. Just look at the gorgeous waterfalls and don’t miss playing a game at Niagara Falls view Casino Resort. You can also spend some time on Marine land.


The largest ski resorts in North America is here. Your Canada travel package must include this for sure. Your favorite holiday destination in winter should be here. You can go snowshoeing, skiing and tobogganing in the snow land. You can also visit the art museums and cultural heritage centers to see the vibrant past. Make sure you dine at Alta Bisto or 21 Steps.

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Quebec City

how can it not be Canada tourist attractions? It is the oldest walled city in North America and one of the best tourist destination places in Canada. It is full of romance, magic, and fancy things. The historical places like The Citadel is a must visit. If you are looking for some relaxation, Battlefields Park is the place. Don’t miss walking along Terrassa Dufferin. It is one of the most beautiful scenic beauties.

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St. John’s

All the crayon-colored and jelly beaned houses, you have seen in the movies is right in front of you. It is the mini San Francisco. It is one of the oldest city and yet so much refreshing and new. You have to be in Cape Spear Lighthouse. You can also have a look at the history and culture of the locality at The Rooms. Water Street is famous for shopping and eating.

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what is a holiday without a touch of a beach? Beach lovers welcome to paradise and one of the best Canada tourist attractions! The famous beaches Chesterman Beach and Long Beach are worth a visit. The fish tacos is one of the most popular dishes. You can also go for camping and kayaking at Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

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It is also famous as “polar bear capital of the world” and favorite Canada tourist attractions of people who are into wildlife. You can snorkel and swim with the Beluga whales. Fort Prince of Wales is a popular tourist place here. Don’t miss the Tundra Buggy tour.

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Old Montreal

it has that aura of culture and old traditions and charm. Canada Travel is just not complete without this. With spectacular and magnificent buildings, horse-carriages, it is the most peaceful place you would ever visit. The underground city should be explored. Spa Scandinave is the best to rejuvenate yourself. Don’t miss having food tour at Old Montreal.

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