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Why go to Detroit

Other than Eminem, the Bad Boys of the NBA the Detroit Pistons, and Detroit Redwings of the NHL one might come up scratching their head trying to think of reasons to visit Detroit. Scratch no more, well unless it’s itchy, because her are a few good reasons that Detroit is still worth checking out.


1) Bowling Alleys

A little known fact, but Detroit has the most bowling alleys per capita than anywhere else in the world. This isn’t just because Detroit has so much open space in the abandoned buildings these days … it’s been this way for a long time. Detroiters love bowling. Where there’s a ten pound rock and drinking fun is bound to happen. Book your ticket now, Big Lebowski.

2) Heidelberg Project

The Heidelberg project is an artistic project since 1988 where artists have proudly placed their artwork on abandoned houses. The city had wanted to tear down the homes, but the artists have reclaimed much of it as artistic space. Much of the art created uses rubble and nearby materials.

3) Canada

If you’re in Detroit you are only a ferry ride away from Canada. A quick pop into the Great White North can help show you the difference between these two nations.

4) Lots and lots of Lakes and water

Detroit is an outdoor enthusiasts dream with river fronts, normal sized lakes, and one great lake right on its door step. Whether you are into fishing or into water sports like water wake boarding and water skiing there is fun to be had.

5) Sports

This is cheating from the article, but hey… this is Detroit, I am starting to stretch. There are all four professional sports leagues here: the NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL. Not to mention some of the Detroit teams have had some pretty great teams at different times.

6) Techno Music

The birthplace of Techno wasn’t in a loft in Berlin, it was right here in Detroit. Still to this day there is a thriving house, dub step, and drum and bass scene made all the wilder by the sheer number of large abandoned spaces available for wild parties. Each year Detroit has the Detroit Electronic Musical Festival.

7) Contemporary Ruins

All around Detroit are abandoned buildings getting taken up by squatters and other less than desirables. One building that does have intrigue is the grand train station that was built in the 1930’s. In the style of  grand central in New York this station which stopped being used in 1988 is a fantastic contemporary ruin.

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